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1 year ago

5 Uncommon Pillars Of Wealth Creation

Pillars are structures that help in erecting and sustainance of any building and they are considered as highly important part of the building. It helps to hold the building, keep it standing and in shape and also beautifies the building. Where there are no pillars, the building is surely at risk. The same also applies to building wealth because there are pillars needed in building, sustaining and retaining wealth. Some of them are not often spoken about and regarded as uncommon yet very potent. Here are a few of those uncommon pillars you need to consider:

1]: Knowledge- Knowledge is a vital pillar of wealth creation because it helps to  you to know what to do and how to do it so as to make and multiply money. A dimension of knowledge is needed to make money and also needed to multiply money and make money work for you. If you lack knowledge you may never be able to create wealth.

2]: Courage- This is another pillar of wealth creation. A lot of people know what to do to make and manage money but are never courageous enough to put their knowledge into action. Until you are courageous enough to take the necessary steps towards building wealth, you may never become wealthy.

3]: Discipline- Anybody that is not disciplined can never build and sustain wealth. This is because discipline is required to delay gratification, discipline is required to save and do what is needed to improve your finances. Anyone that is not disciplined will be an alien to wealth.

4]: Investment- You must have heard that it is not just how much you earn that matters but what you do with what you earn. This is so true because if you earn much and spend all then you can never be able to create wealth. Investing part of your earnings in platforms that is guaranteed to give handsome returns on investment is a pillar of wealth creation.

5]: Prompt Action- This pillar is one of the most overlooked pillar of wealth creation. Opportunities to create wealth will arise, it is your responsibility to take prompt action and maximize the opportunity. If you lose opportunities as a result of procrastination or indecision you may never be able to build wealth.

Which of these pillars do you want to use to build wealth and become successful? 

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Written by   8
1 year ago
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