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Bitcoin Cash is growing to serve the world, Everyone Everywhere.

Here is a list of some projects, Platforms, Services, Tools, and Bussines on Bitcoin Cash ...

Defi and Smart Contract solutions 👍

  • AnyHedge :https://anyhedge.com/

    A platform that gives you the ability to create new synthetic derivate markets for the world of decentralized finance. Utilizing Bitcoin Cash smart contracts for non-custodial trading.

  • Detoken :https://detoken.net/

    A trustless, limitless & secure platform for accessing peer-to-peer financial products from anywhere in the world. Hedge and long Bitcoin Cash and earn funding premium, all while being in control of your own money.

  • Flipstarter:https://flipstarter.cash/

    A peer-to-peer decentralized crowd funding solution powered by BCH. Projects are able to seek funding for specific goals. Supporters pledge funds & money leaves their wallets only if the overall campaign's target is reached.

  • General Protocols: https://generalprotocols.com/

    A set of open-source protocols for the future of programmable money and technologies capable of unleashing creativity that touches the lives of billions of people.

  • SmartBCH :https://smartbch.org/

    A BCH side-chain compatible with EVM & Web 3 API. Enables migration of Ethereum 2.0 projects to Bitcoin Cash side-chain so they can benefit from high throughput & low fees.


  • Bitcoin Cash Register : https://www.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-cash-register/

    A simple, secure and easy to use Point of Sale mobile application that allows you to accept instant Bitcoin Cash payments directly to your wallet with ZERO fees!

  • GoCrypto : https://elly.com/crypto/en/

    The fastest-growing global facilitator of seamless & secure crypto payments. Merchants can accept BCH payments without changing their business processes.

  • Prompt.cash : https://prompt.cash/

    A non-custodial Bitcoin Cash payment gateway enabling instant, secure & direct payments to your BCH wallet.

  • BitPay :https://bitpay.com/

    A service for businesses that allows to accept BCH payments. Provides a hosted checkout & embeddable invoices for your website.

  • Coinbase Commerce : https://commerce.coinbase.com/

    A digital payment service that enables merchants to accept payments in Bitcoin Cash.

  • PayButton :https://paybutton.org/

    A simple way to accept Bitcoin Cash by adding a donation or buy button to your website.

  • Anypay :https://anypayinc.com/

    A service that enables businesses to accept BCH. PoS app & WooCommerce plugin available.

  • PiixPay :https://www.piixpay.com/

    Allows Customers to Conveniently Use Cryptocurrency to Handle Bills and Recurring Payments.

  • Rocketr : https://rocketr.net/

    is an all-in-one payment processing and e-commerce solution.
    Our Storefront and Payments platforms make it easy and simple for all businesses to implement payment technology.

  • Coin payments : https://www.coinpayments.net/

    global crypto payment gateway made easy and accessible for everyone


  • Read.cash :https://read.cash/

    A blogging platform where you can earn Bitcoin Cash tips for writing articles and comments.

  • Noise.cash:https://noise.cash/

    A social network allowing to earn Bitcoin Cash by posting quality content on the platform.

  • Member.Cash: https://member.cash/

    A fully decentralized public platform for discussion and reputation built on Bitcoin Cash.

  • Memo .cash:https://memo.cash/

    A decentralized social network and a portal to blockchain powered by Bitcoin Cash network

  • K.im : https://k.im/

    The easiest and most secure way to generate revenue with digital content. Get paid for your content in bitcoin cash.

  • OnlyCoins.com :https://onlycoins.app/

    A digital content marketplace for adults and OnlyFans alternative enabling content creators to be rewarded in bitcoin cash.

  • Juungle :https://www.juungle.net/

    Juungle is a marketplace for Collectibles/Non Fungible Tokens on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain. Buy, Sell, Auction, Collect or Create digital assets instantly for a very low cost.

  • Lazyfox : https://lazyfox.io/

    A task board allowing you to ask questions, delegates task and pay with bitcoin cash. Earn BCH bounties by solving task .

  • Working for Bitcoins: https://workingforbitcoins.com/

    A website enabling you to hire freelancers ,find work and get paid with bitcoin cash.

Venezuela workers: https://venezuelaworkers.com/

A platform where you can earn bitcoin cash for your services and hire top talents for any job.


  • Bitcoin.com : https://wallet.bitcoin.com/

    A fast and easy to use mobile wallet allowing you to buy and store BCH, BTC and SLP tokens. Swap between BCH, BTC and stablecoins without leaving the wallet.

  • Electron Cash : https://electroncash.org/

    A desktop BCH wallet supporting SLP tokens and enables high security without downloading the blockchain or running a full node.

  • Pokket : https://pokket.cash/

    A mobile BCH wallet supporting SLP tokens, Cash Accounts, multisignature functionality & decentralized crowdfunding via Flipstarter.

  • Neutrino : https://neutrino.at/

    An advanced mobile BCH wallet preserving privacy & preventing any leaking of information about your transactions to third parties.

  • BRD : https://brd.com/

    A simple & secure mobile wallet for BCH & BTC. Allows conversion of BTC to BCH within the wallet.

  • Coinbase : https://wallet.coinbase.com/

    A non-custodial Coinbase wallet app enabling you to store, send and receive Bitcoin Cash.

  • Blockchain.com: https://www.blockchain.com/

    A mobile wallet for sending, receiving, buying and storing Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies.

  • BitPay :https://bitpay.com/wallet

    A secure mobile wallet enabling storing, sending & receiving BCH as well as buying gift cards with BCH.

  • Zapit : https://zapit.io/

    A BCH wallet supporting SLP tokens with non-custodial peer-to-peer services powered by a non-custodial escrow.


Developer Tools 💻

  • Mainnet.cash : https://mainnet.cash/

    A series of libraries & services that greatly facilitate development of apps for Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

  • Spedn : https://spedn.io/

    A high level smart contract language for Bitcoin Cash. Designed for explicitness & safety.

  • CashScript :https://cashscript.org/

    A high-level language that allows you to write BCH smart contracts in an easy & familiar way.

  • Fullstack.cash : https://fullstack.cash/

    An open source 'Cash Stack' that allows phone & web apps to interact with the Bitcoin Cash network.

Tokens Solutions on Bitcoin cash 🔥

  • SLP Protocol : https://simpleledger.info/

    Simple Ledger Protocol allows creation, trading & management of tokens on BCH blockchain. Fast & costs only fraction of a cent for each transaction.

  • Mint.Bitcoin.com : https://mint.bitcoin.com/

    An open source & non custodial token minting tool enabling creation of custom SLP tokens. Takes seconds & costs a few cents.

  • SLP Dividends Tool : https://tools.bitcoin.com/slp-dividend-calculator/

    An automated tool for sending dividends to SLP token holders in the form of BCH or other tokens based on how much of total token supply each address holds.

Stable coins on Bitcoin Cash Network 💵

News Resources and forums 📰

Shop with Bitcoin Cash 🛒

Games and Entertainment  🎮

  • Satoshi Dice : https://satoshidice.com/

    A popular & provably fair on chain Bitcoin Cash game. Allows players to bet on the roll of a dice and win BCH prizes.

  • Blockchain Poker : https://blockchain.poker/

    The the easiest way to play poker instantly, anonymously and with real BTC & BCH. Tournaments are happening 24/7 & players receive free Bitcoin Cash to get started.

  • BCH.games :https://bch.games/

    A frictionless Bitcoin Cash gaming platform. Privacy focused & provably fair. Instant BCH deposits & cash outs.

  • Cash Games: https://cashgames.bitcoin.com/

    An online casino where you can play slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack & other games using BCH. Instant cash outs & probably fair.

  • Playmo :Playmo.gg

    A platform where users create and participate in prize matches in several formats including video game tournaments. Participate & win Bitcoin Cash prizes.

  • SpinBCH : https://spinbch.com/

    A new Bitcoin Cash game where you can spin & win BCH. Deposits are instantly credited as the game makes use of 0-conf transactions.

  • GeoDrop.cash : https://geodrop.cash/

    A map-based scavenger hunt game similar to Pokemon Go. It uses SLP tokens on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain.

Useful Tools on BitcoinCash 🧰


  • Bitcoin Cash Node : https://bitcoincashnode.org/

    A professional, miner-friendly BCH full node that solves practical problems for Bitcoin Cash.

  • Bitcoin Unlimited :https://www.bitcoinunlimited.info/

    A BCH full node client using new technologies including adjustable block size, Xthin blocks & parallel validation.

  • BCHD: https://bchd.cash/

    A full node implementation for BCH written in Go language & packed with developer-friendly features.

  • Bitcoin Verde : https://bitcoinverde.org/

    A mining-enabled, all-in-one indexing BCH full node, blockchain explorer & library written in Java.

  • Flowee : https://flowee.org/

    A family of software including a full node with a goal to move the world towards a Bitcoin Cash economy.

  • Knuth : https://kth.cash/

    A high performance BCH full node software focused on users requiring extra capacity and resilience.

Community Events 🎫

  • Satoshi Angels : https://www.satoshisangels.com/

    A team of enthusiasts dedicated to spreading awareness about benefits of peer-to-peer electronic cash through education courses, merchant support, community building & events.

  • Bitcoin Cash City : https://bitcoincashcity.com/

    A yearly Bitcoin Cash City conference focused on adoption in the real world and peer-to-peer cash use case. An entire week event is hosted in a city where you can pay almost for any service in Bitcoin Cash.

  • BCH Devcons : https://devcon.cash/

    A non-stop Bitcoin Cash hackathon lasting 72 hours. The event provides a chance for all participant developers to compete for top BCH prizes.

  • Coinparty : https://coinparty.org/

    A week long global hackathon event for developers focused on building the future of finance using the power of Bitcoin Cash.

Tipping & Donations  💁‍♂️

  • Shareable Links : https://wallet.bitcoin.com/

    A payment link feature in the Bitcoin.com wallet that allows anyone to send BCH by email and most apps including Whatsapp, Signal, Facebook, Telegram & others.

  • Gifts.Bitcoin.com : https://gifts.bitcoin.com/

    Gifts are bitcoin wallets that can be shared physically or digitally. Unredeemed Gifts are automatically returned!

  • Chain Tip : http://www.chaintip.org/

    A popular & ease to use on chain Bitcoin Cash tipping tool for Twitter ,Reddit & Github.

  • Tipbitcoin.cash : https://tipbitcoin.cash/

    A Bitcoin Cash tipping service tailored for video live streamers. No fees.

  • EatBCH : https://eatbch.org/

    A charity that provides food & prepared meals to people who need it in developing countries.

  • Fundme.cash : https://fundme.cash/

    A website listing Flipstarter crowdfunding campaigns & enabling easy participation.

  • GitCash : https://gitcash.io/

    A tool to send and receive Bitcoin Cash through Github platform.

Privacy solutions 🔒

  • CashFusion :https://cashfusion.org/

    Privacy for Bitcoin Cash Using CashFusion restores your freedom to spend money the way you see fit.

  • Cash Shuffle : https://cashshuffle.com/

    is a fully decentralized coin mixing protocol that shuffles your Bitcoin Cash with other network participants. This shuffling process obscures your real spending and makes it difficult for chain analysis companies to follow your transactions.

Explorers & Network Analytics  🖧

Non-custodial Exchange 👐🏻

Major Custodial exchanges 👊

Mining Pools ⛏️

  • BTC.Top

  • ViaBTC

  • HathrMM

  • BTC.com

  • Antpool

  • Bitcoin.com

  • Huobi

  • Prohashing

  • F2Pool

  • Foundry

  • P2Pool

  • Mining Ducth

  • SpiderPool

  • Binance

  • Poolin

  • Ckpool

Feel Free to Suggest more , Lets Grow BitcoinCash Together 😍

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