BitcoinCash Adoption is a Marathon, not A Sprint (Nigeria 2023)

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# Bitcoincash Nigeria 2023 and Beyond!

It's Been an amazing year Looking back at how we got started, what we've done, and how far we've come, I believe we're just getting started. it's been 5 years of spreading Bitcoin cash Education and Adoption in Nigeria, the journey started out with a Single person and his love for Bitcoin cash and now it's a community of thousands of people been Educated, impacted and Lives Changed Because of Bitcoincash Nigeria,

The Goal has always been to empower people with permissionless money and Guide and show them the path to economic freedom. With Bitcoincash The future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, innovation, and decentralised development.

## Bitcoin Cash Adoption is a Marathon, not a Sprint

[Twitter link ](

- August 2021 after a successful Flipstarter of 84 BCH from the Community we Set out to Spread the word about Bitcoincash in Nigeria, at the time Cryptocurrencies were just starting to get the attention, of people the government, Nigeria is unlike other countries, out there, people already are having misconceptions about Cryptocurriences because Millions of people out there have no idea what it is or its use and how it will benefit them, with the government banning its activity it made all our previous efforts in vain, we have to strategies our Approaches towards the Adoption, *Bottom top Model*

- Starting Big with Educating People

For Millions of People to use Bitcoincash they have to understand the Financial Freedom and Decentralization it comes with.

We’ve Organized Educational Seminars on Bitcoincash at Several Federal and State Universities in the Country Targeting Youths.

Local Meetups in several Cities, Meetups are an effective way for Bitcoincash lovers to come together and share ideas and information.

We are able to expand Bitcoincash local meetups to 8 States In Nigeria.

We’ve introduced Bitcoincash Hangouts which happens monthly to Newbies people who have no idea what bitcoin cash is, this hangout includes a demo of getting started with Bitcoincash.

>In spreading Education wide in the country we've partnered with several Crypto schools Such as Bitkova Academy Crypto Gizt , through them we are able to reach thousands of people who want to know more about Bitcoincash


We are able to collaborate with several organisations who want to know about the blockchain industry we took advantage of those opportunities and are able to introduce them to Bitcoincash some include the Nigerian Police force Academy, Governments institutions, Banks Officials etc


With these efforts we are able to cover more than 60% in terms of Pushing Education in the Country we are happy to have been recognised by the Siban and NITDA as one of the Community Pushing Crypto Currency Education in Nigeria.

As we have Planned on Partnering with the *Ministry of Digital Economy and Communications on Education in 2023.*

- One of our Goals was to have Physical space in the country where we will pivot the activities of the community we've launched BCH HUB an open tech space powered by Bitcoincash

The space fosters inventions on Bitcoincash, It aspires to contribute to the growing Adoption, as well as to prepare for the next frontier.

We are unsatisfied with the current Status quo and are working to address the most pressing issues in our society, ranging from Technology to Business.


The Hub is open to the general public, creators and Developers, Designers Tech enthusiasts and Researchers, Start-up and Business owners, Students etc.

we are happy to have partnered with Global communities such as Google Developers Groups ( [](

Meta Developers Circle ,Opensource Africa,Tech Hausa, TechGeeks etc.

With this Partnerships we now have the opportunity to Spread Bitcoincash to Thousand of members of the Comunities …

The Hub serves as an all-in-one support centre for BitcoinCash, Merchants and people who want to get started. People & Business

The Hub hosts monthly BCH hangouts, Targeted at newbies, The BCH explore team has a space at the hub where they create/shoot content for bitcoin cash.

The Hub is a member of the ISN Hubs in Nigeria …

The Hub serves as an Incubation space for Products Built by BCH NG

The Hubs trains interns who will join and work on our several projects

We are happy that BCH HUB is one of the first Physical Spaces in Nigeria For Blockchain Education & Adoption.

>with our Launch of other Crypto Platforms such as Binance, and Paxful Decides to set up physical Space in Nigeria.

>Adoption: our goal for Bitcoincash is to be used as money, we are able to get people to use it as people transacting people using it via platforms that accept Bitcoincash .


People will use whatever works, and Bitcoin cash works, Nigerian Government and Policies have forced people to exchange value via Cryptocurrencies, International Payments : Most people in Nigeria can not transact international above 20$ using their credit cards, and for most of the fintech platforms like PayPal, cash app etc don't work in Nigeria either,

- We've guided thousands of people on how to transact with Bitcoincash, introduced them to platforms where they can earn and also use bch ,

- We are working hard to provide an easy solution for Merchants not only in Nigeria but Africa at large, most businesses will love to have readymade all-in solutions that they can accept, and exchange, and also Have a business inventory system,

what we've worked on is collecting feedback from major stores / Businesses in the country on accepting Crypto payments.

- we created Paysats an all-in-one platform for Bitcoin Cash where you can live your Everyday with BCH, from Paying Airtime, Mobile data, Electricity, water, Transportation etc

Paysat is still in beta, we've tested most of the services being integrated with bch and all works Perfectly, working to see it launch to the public ..

*Through Bitcoin Cash Platforms such as Read. cash / we are able to onboard thousands of people*

- We are working on Building Ideas that will bring in thousand / Millions of people to use bitcoin cash, we believe people will use Bitcoincash if we provide use cases for them, in different aspects/sectors Education / Gaming / Utilities etc

> Moving in 2023 we will see a new wave of Bitcoin cash Users in Nigeria Due to the Government's Strict Policies on Cash Withdrawal in the Country and the Implementation Of CDBC which the general public have no interest in using.

## In our efforts to take Bitcoincash Mainstream in Nigeria, we're working on Several Projects Currently

BCH Explore:

Twiiter : [](

Youtube Channel :


We create Contents that will simply Educate people about Bitcoin Cash which includes videos, Articles, and Graphics (we have content in Nigerian Local Languages ) follow us on Twitter.

BitcoinCash Explore will be a platform for BitcoinCash Marketing Contents Covering and Documenting its activities from pictures to Videos

*We are now working on a Documentary on CryptoCurrency Adoption in Nigeria Telling our Story in Collaboration with Other Communities.*






#BCH4GOOD is proof of the capabilities of BitcoinCash. We sincerely believe that decentralized and peer-to-peer Electronic Cash will enhance lives and make the world a better place.

Its a non-profit organization committed to promoting equality of opportunity through the provision of access to clean water, high-quality digital training, sustainable agriculture, and humanitarian aid, all powered by BitcoinCash

We want to touch and impact the Lives of people in their communities, one smile at a time ..

*Currently, we have a campaign Schedule for Next year when Schools resume in partnership with the education Board ..*


Event Highlights :




The peer-to-peer electronic cash Festival was our maiden Event. One of the Biggest crypto Gathering in Nigeria with over 2000 + Attendees the event was hybrid and we have amazing speakers from the bitcoin cash community such as Roger, Vikram, Corbin etc who were able to speak on several topics around Bitcoincash, Attendees were introduced to several tool/services on BitcoinCash

Lots of gifts Giveaways, Swags, and Prices won, it was an amazing experience showcasing demos of how several Platforms work,

*The most interesting part of the event was a Live marketplace where attendees bought Snacks with Bitcoin cash.*

This was something that's never been done in the country,its was hyped and loved by the people

2023 we can't wait to organise bigger and better ..

Paysats ;



With Paysats we are working to take bitcoin cash Mainstream not only in Nigeria but Africa as well , through the platform we are planning to onboard millions of people to Bitcoin cash.

We are working to connect their daily lives activities with Bitcoincash making it easier and Faster

We have worked out some partnerships with some service providers in the Country onboard them.

Coming 2023 we will be building an MVP, application where we will start with it

We are currently looking for partnerships and investments to kickstart this Journey

Feel free to reach out for more details ..

BCH Advocates :


Showcasing Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash to the World BCH Advocates is a Community for BitcoinCash Lovers ,Enthusiasts,Users ,Contributors and Experts Everywhere in the World ..

With the sole aim of increasing the rate of Bitcoincash Users & Contributors.

BitcoinCash is For Everyone : We are working to change the Narrative & Perception about Peer to Peer Electronic Cash One Advocate at Time...

what BCH Advocates will do

PROMOTE BCH INITIATIVES:work closely with BCHNG to Promote BCH platforms , services ,Tools Lead effort to ensure People know about them and use them .


Spread the word about Peer to Peer Electronic Cash , on the internet and offline. Show and share to people the benefits of using Bitcoin cash .


Participate in monthly Hangouts / Meetups in Various Communities,

Join / Host twitter Spaces / AMA Sessions within the communities

to increase adoption and Education and share information.


Advocates can choose to contribute to specific Tasks within the Community based on their skills. The goal is to make an impact on the world with Bitcoincash

Its a diverse community of Peer to Peer Electronic Cash lovers, collaborating on different projects to make a difference in the World ..

We are currently working to achieve this through the following vehicles;

*BCH Advocates in Several Cities, States , Countries,

In due time, we hope Showcase Bitcoincash in different Sectors …*


BCH HUB Overveiw [](


2023 the hub will continue to serve community projects and work with partner organisations to see Bitcoincash thriving,

one of the goals is to train Developers to build and also contribute to the Bitcoincash ecosystem, we are working towards that with some of the community members who will mentor/guide those developers, work with merchants and individual who needs support and also continue serving as a p2p space for those needing Bitcoin Cash…

## With this Flipstarter, we are hoping to raise 437 BCH to finance & Support our activities through 2023 ….

Education / Community Meetups /Partnerships / Events =185 BCH

- Bitcoin cash Events in 12 Cities across the country throughout the year Each Happening Monthly

- Bitcoin cash Hangouts at BCH HUB / Merchants Onbarded

- Expand / Support Local Meetups to 20 more Cities

- Support / Represent Bitcoin cash in the Country at Other Crypto related Events / Gatherings

- Represent Bitcoincash at Partner events such as DEV FEST 23 & Opensource Africa Festival 23

- Host the Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash Nigeria 2023

BCH Explore/ Marketing / Awareness 140 BCH

- Launch the Advocates .cash Program

- BCH Advocates in 36 States, 1 million Addvoctes Reached

- Work With Partner Organisations to increase Bitcoincash Outreach

- Media Partnerships to Cover more Bitcoincash Nigeria Activities

- Working on a bitcoin cash documentary to tell our Stories on Crypto Adoption in the Country in partnership with other Communities

- Bitcoin cash Contents + Demo

- Monthly Video recap of Activities done each month by BCH NG .

- Bi-weekly Community Spaces + Virtual AMA Sessions.

- Expand Bitcoincash Communities on Tiktok Facebook and Instagram


- Renew Services eg :Space Rent which is due 01-01-2023

- Upkeep Maintenance Eg ( Electricity / Internet / Logistics )

- Developers Traning

- Work with BCH advocates + Interns on Community Projects

Paysats : 32 BCH

- Build a web app (PWA) to launch Paysats in Nigeria

- Airtime & Mobile Data across 6 iSP in Nigeria

- Onboard Users / Generate Traction

**With this Flipstarter Been Completed Bitcoincash Nigeria will resume its schedule Activities January 2023 ..

Thanks to very everyone in the community , for their Support ,

Lets Spread the peer to electronic cash and more Economic freedom to the world ...

Lets do more 2023

Happy Holidays and Happy New year...

For more inquires feel free to reach out to us on [Twitter ]

[Telegram ]( or at

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