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If we take a good look, we can see that most of the students studying in Hafezi Madrasa in our society are either orphans or sons of very low middle class families. The number of boys in the majestic family is one to two. It is doubtful whether the scene of the boy going to the madrasa in a black private car is seen by millions. But there are many scenes in the society where boys and girls are going to school in private cars. Nowadays, there is an idea in the minds of the people that the children of the poor go to madrasas

When I went to cancel my son's admission after passing class five, the headmaster looked at me in surprise and said,

- Will you take your child from such a prestigious school and enroll him in another school? You must know that thousands of students take this exam every year for admission in this school. Some people can't get a child admitted to our school even after recommending thousands of rupees and you are canceling your child even after your child attends this school. I heard you are enrolling in a school?

I smiled at the head sir and said,

- I will admit my son to Hafezi Madrasa

Hearing me, the head sir looked at me in amazement and said,

- What! What are you saying? You want to ruin your child's life in this way by becoming an educated person. Hey, will your son study in a madrasa? Hafez will be the teacher of a madrasa or the imam of a mosque. And the monthly salary of an imam is around 5-6 thousand rupees. When your son grows up, his monthly income is 5-6 thousand rupees and the monthly salary of his school friends is 60-70 thousand rupees, but your child will scold you and say,

Why did you only teach me in madrasa

I listened to the words of the head sir very attentively. When he had finished speaking, I told him,

- I am very sorry to think that I have taught my child in your school for 5 years. Where students get education where teachers did not get proper education?

But you are right, the man who stands behind the doctor, the engineer, the minister, the minister, who prays, has the lowest salary. But one thing you will notice is that they are very happy even after getting such a low salary. Even if you get a salary of Rs 50,000, there is a shortage in your house but even if they get a salary of Rs 5,000, there is no shortage in their house. And when he grows up my son will not abuse me but will pray for me thinking that I showed him the right way. Head sir said nothing more and I finished work and quietly came out of his room ....



I removed my eyes from the skin of the laptop and the boss looked at me in surprise. Then he smiled and said to me,

- Mr. Pius, the price of a razor is not too high. Nowadays it seems that you are buying new jewelry for your wife by saving money to buy a razor?

I laughed when I heard the boss say,

- That's not right, sir. In fact, I intended to keep a beard

The boss was surprised to hear me say,

- What does it mean to have a beard at this age? If you have a beard, you will look old at this age. He looks at me and says I will marry my children in a few years, but I still look young. You know I come to the office every day to save clean. You look older than me. Save and come to the office from tomorrow. Remember it is a multi-national company. I want all the staff to be neat here. It's not an al-Qaeda base that would leave a long beard and go to the office like a wild beast.

I listened to the boss and told him not to say anything about it,

- Sir, what are these marks on your cheek?

The boss put his hand on his cheek and said,

- When I was a child, there was a spring of water. I have used a lot of expensive creams but the stains have not risen

I smiled and said to the boss,

- If you had kept your beard without using so much cream, these spots would not have been seen and you would have looked smarter. And who told you to look unsmart when you have a beard? Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth has a beard that is fashionable and if I have a beard it becomes an animal. Sir, I have already accumulated many sins in contact with many inhumans around me. Now I want to go to the grave with these beards because if Allah gives me a little less punishment for circumcising the Prophet.

The boss bowed his head and said,

- Mr. Pius, you came this time

I left without saying anything ...



When I woke up in the middle of the night, I noticed that Sraboni was not in bed. When I came to the balcony, I saw Sraboni holding the grill of the balcony and looking outside. As soon as I stood behind him, Sraboni said,

- Everyone in the building is saying that we have admitted the boy to the madrasa to save money. We are ruining the beautiful future of the boy.

I then looked at the open sky and said to Sravani,

--My father wanted one of our three brothers to offer his funeral prayers after his father's death. But none of the three of us read Arabic. After passing class five, my father admitted me to Hafezi Madrasa but I did not study in the Madrasa anymore due to various words of the people of the society. After the death of his father, there was no one to perform the janaza prayer. The imam of our mosque went for a walk and the muezzin was ill. At the end, an 11-year-old student of a madrasa offered janaza prayers for his father. When my father's burial was over, the 11-year-old put his hand on mine and said,

"Brother, without crying, after the Fajr prayers every day, Yasin will recite Surah and pray for your father. You will see that Allah will reduce the torment of your father's grave."

I could not go to my father's grave after reciting Surah Yaseen after the death of such an unfortunate child father and could not pray a little for my father. I was so busy learning the world that I did nothing for the Hereafter.

Don't bother with what the people of the society said. After my death, our son will offer our funeral prayers. Pray for us, this is our ultimate find, so do not say? Education in the Hereafter is more important than education in this world.

I am still staring at the open sky and Sravani is hugging me from behind and crying incessantly ...



On that day I heard the future of the flat next door telling Sraboni,

- "How can you go out in this hot summer wearing a black burqa? I went to the market after wearing this thin salwar kameez and the whole salwar kameez got wet with sweat."

Sravani laughed and replied,

- My salwar kameez gets wet under the burqa. But no one sees this wet salwar kameez of mine and people may look at your wet salwar kameez with a bad eye ...

# Education_of the Hereafter


Note: This article is written for the Muslim nation. Brothers and sisters of other religions may disagree. So siblings of other religions can avoid writing. I had respect for people of all religions

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Written by   151
1 year ago
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