Why I hate the saying "You think your life is hard, think again"

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2 years ago
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I absolutely hate this phrase

"You think your life is hard, think again..." I absolutely hate this quote, saying, phrase, whatever you can it.

Its a saying developed by people with privilege to guilt those who have to struggle into conformity.

What is the point of showing me a picture of a hungry child with these words photoshops on it.

What is it meant to achieve?

To make me feel sad that their is so much pain in the world or happy that I am not in this situation?

Don't say to make me appreciate my life more, because I appreciate it all right but not the people who rely on plaguing people with guilt trip.

I will not post any examples because frankly I am disgusted by them.

A bit of a background

I work in a corporate job that I don't like and just a few days ago I had call set up by the HR labeled as 'HR Connect', it was a zoom call (obviously) and rest the march is around the corner we also have over annual performance evaluation as well.

Anyways, I log into the call and while it was to be a 1 hour call it stretched to 1 and half hour long, reason while because of the subject matter.

The call was set up so the HR and ask us about the various issues and problems we are facing. Everyone on the call was a stranger to me and somehow at the end of the call it almost felt less like a HR connect call but a support group session.

From the very start the people started sharing their problems like how they have to face long hours without any appreciation, moreover how personal life make almost non-existence since client demand anything and any hour of day or night.

Further, people shared how their managers would side with the clients in any situation or how even on weekend, holidays or sick leaves the manager or client demand we work for long hours.

Certain tasks that could be done or should be done in a month's time is asked to be completed in a week, not just ones or twice but every single time.

I was quite

I had also faced all of the issues as well and I could understand why these strangers that I have never met or heard of before are expressing these issues.

I knew each and everyone of those scenarios but I have faced the same things as well.

But then things went further

As the call went all the kind of issues that people share were so much bigger than what I had ever faced working for this organization.

Here's one issue that hit quite hard: Someone shared that because he was forced to shift to different region during the pandemic lockdown, they lost their unborn baby.

How does this make me feel?


In simple single word

And for a moment I thought that person's problems are so much bigger than mine. But does it suddenly make everything else right, no, not at all.

Misery is not a competition

It should not be that because there is someone with bigger problems that I should shut up about my problems.

NO, That's how Evil works and succeed.

My heart went out to the person

I really wanted to console the person who had shared that but didn't know if I'll be crossing a boundary.

The problem is how we shut these problems by showing someone with a bigger problem instead of solving the problems in the first place.

Credit where it is due

The organization that I work for has for the first time had done something like to to understand the problems the employees are facing, that is a good thing and I would say that it is at least a starting point. Don't know if anything positive come out of it but at least for the first time they have actually made an effort like this.

Perhaps because people are leaving the organization in large numbers that has prompted this decision.

What's wrong is wrong

All these issues be it small or big build over time and while nothing is perfect and problems exist everywhere in everything it shouldn't be an excuse to forgo human decency.

How it should be?

We all should be helping each other out and pulling each out up, if I could help someone with problems I try my best to actually help them.

And this is how it should be we should be a community that helps our fellows out in whatever capacity we can, sometimes even the smallest acts can have a big impact.

Knowing that there are other people in the world in far worst off just makes me sad that there is so much misery in the world.

What really happens?

The call was set up for in the hours after the official shift timings, just a few hours before the call I had a message from someone senior in the organization to set up a call during the same time as the HR Connect call. I requested that since I had that call on the same time to have that call at a later time (which is already over the official shift timings).

A few days after that call I had the conversation with my manager regarding my this year's performance evaluation, where I was informed that my manager has received a compliant that I am not available for work because of that incident.

That too when I have been working late till night for that very same person on regular basis.

This is the reason I hate corporates and the work culture that has been manufactured to turn real living breathing people into cogs in a machine...

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