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Who are the Parasites in Parasite (2019 film)?

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2 months ago


This is my personal thought piece and they might not be similar to yours or that of the general populace. If you are easily offended please consider not reading this.

This article is about the 2019 Korean movie Parasite, if you haven't seen it by now then this is your spoiler warning.


I am a simple person who has to work for a living, to pay my bills I have to work in a job which I hate and with the people I can't endure.

I have a personal dislike for people who flaunt their privilege for which they have even worked for, and been handed their so called status.

That being said, I think the Kim family are the parasites

I am not going to analyze every aspect of thee movie but just give a small piece of logic, so don't expect a long and deep article.

Park family are excessive!

One of the piece of argument is that Park family live excessively without acknowledging the people around them.

Moreover, Park family live in luxury and the upper part of the town while poor people live in the lower parts that are flooded.

If you look at the bare bones of that arguments, you starts to see the cracks

How is living in a nicer part of the town equates to being Evil!?

It is never established that Park family causes the poor people's misery, the flood is not caused by them nor did they force people to live in the lower parts of the town.

They have the money so they can afford a nice house, that's it; it's not evil, nor is it saintly, it is just a morally neutral and logical thing.

Park family insulted the Kim family!?

I failed to see any such incident in my multiple viewing that suggested that Parks had been rude or insulted the Kims on any occasion.

In the movie finale when Kim Ki-taek kills Park Dong-ik because is was offended in an over reaction.

Parks have never insulted the Kims on their face and even when Park Dong-ik and Choi Yeon-gyo were discussing the Kims and how they found Kim Ki-taek to have a smell was a private conversation between husband and wife, which the Kim family was eavesdropping on as they were hiding in their home without their consent enjoying their things.

Furthermore, when Park Dong-ik said that Kim Ki-taek had a smell that was because he did had a smell, even if it was from the flood that is not his fault that he has a nose and can smell the odor.

Kims were leaching off the Parks!?

Before the Kims came into the picture there was the previous maid Gook Moon-gwang who the Kims got fired on false pretenses and enjoying the privilege that came from working for a rich family. Moreover using the house as their own in their absence, eating their food and drinking their wine; while being employed as part of a deception.

Parks' undeserved wealth!?

It is established in the movie that Park Dong-ik has a job and while it is never established what that job is, he actually goes to office every day and that is why he hires his would be murderer Kim Ki-taek as he driver.

And while it can't be said for sure if he earned his job or business through his hard work or if he got it because of his family connections, we can't say for sure if he was entitled or not.

Therefore let that be and neutral point because the movie never explain how Parks are rich.

Oh Geun-sae

In the mid plot twist it is revealed that the old maid was hiding her deranged husband who was on the run from his debtors in a secret basement that only she and the previous owners (before the Parks) knew about.

It was Oh Geun-sae who was switching the lights throughout the house as the Parks roam around the house thinking it was the automatic sensor.

Oh Geun-sae who was on run and hiding from people who have loaned him money.

Lenders that may have trusted him to return the money on faith.


It seems that a lot of people were leaching off the Park family when they have given the same people the jobs that they were so much in need for.

Oh Geun-sae being an actual parasite feeding not only on the Park family while living in a dark hole underground in the Park household, but also on his own wife Gook Moon-gwang.

Further, the Kim family were parasites on the Park family as well as the previous maid they got fired Gook Moon-gwang the wife of the Oh Geun-sae

Park family was just stupid

The Parks were stupid for not being aware of the deceptions taken place, but being stupid doesn't being being evil. And being stupid shouldn't be a reason for which Park Dong-ik has to pay with his life.

It was the Parks that have been wronged in this whole ordeal as two family of Parasites bored their way into their household and their lives.

The head of the Park family Park Dong-ik lost his life because Kim Ki-taek felt bad that he could smell body odor of Oh Geun-sae, the very same deranged madman who had just stabbed his own daughter.


  • Parks lived their live in a luxuries manner but their isn't any evidence that have stolen it from someone else.

  • Parks have trusted the Kims based on their own naiveness

  • Kims have betrayed the trust the Parks have placed on them

  • Parks have never committed any violence

  • Head of the Park family was murdered by the head of the Kim family

  • Provocation for the Head of the Kim family was hurt feelings while he was committing fraud

  • Head of the Park family was a victim of a senseless crime and lost his life because of it

  • He was probably the sole earner in the household

  • He left behind a wife and two adolescent children

You make and draw your conclusion and not just draw from the popular narrative.

Last Note: This is just a movie and this is just a thought piece there is no point in getting emotional over it, but we should also dissect and examine the meaning for understanding and as a mental exercise that is also fun.

Keep it simple. Peace

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Written by   64
2 months ago
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