Unstoppable Domains to stop supporting .coin domain

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1 year ago
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Ok, what's happening

I received an email from unstoppable domains that they will stop supporting the .coin domains that they have previously issued.

Here's the excerpt:

"We became aware of a potential collision with our .coin top-level domain and the .coin domain issued by Emercoin, a blockchain platform. To avoid this potential problem, we’ve decided to stop supporting .coin domains. We don’t make this decision lightly and we know it isn’t ideal, so we’re offering you credits of three times what you paid for your .coin domain."

Here's a blog post for further details

Now what?

So as they have explained that they will stop supporting it but it will still exist on the blockchain, but they platform will not support it any further so the functionality will become limited.

What to do?

Honestly I'll probably give my .coin domain back to unstoppable domains for thee 3x credits.

If you may remember I did an article where I should you how to research and buy a good domain name in which I as an example brought fridaythe13th.coin for $10.

So I am going to return that domain back to unstoppable domains and get $30 in exchange.

What's the catch?

Well these $30 are not going to hit your bank account or be in some CryptoCurrency but will be split in form of Store Credit and Promotional Credit.


The domain’s original value of $10 will be given in form Store Credits,

And twice that amount $20 in Promotional Credits

Do note that Promotional credits will expire December 31, 2022

So, 3x gain!?

Obviously I am not getting 3x the amount in return as cash or crypto, but still I am can get better researched domains by burning some of the .coin domains that weren't as good as I originally thought.

I will be burning all my .coin domains and get that credit so that I can get better domains, since I still believe in the project even through there are still uncertainty.

I would also suggest my readers that if you have .coin domains from UD then exchange them

Without support I am not sure if it will be worth it to have a blockchain token in the future with no support.

So I am not taking any changes.

I actually wanted to get rid of FridayThe13th.coin

Why? Well if you are an old reader of mine you'll know that I started a small project on that domain, Friday The 13th magazine which didn't worked out and there were some painful memories associated with that domain and project.

So, I did wanted to get rid of it anyway.

How to exchange the domain

As per instructions here’s what you need to do:

  • Log in to your account

  • Head to “My Domains”

  • Transfer or return your domain

  • Claim your credits

You will need to use your web 3 crypto wallet that has your unstoppable domains NFT and complete the process of burning the token, after which you'll receive the credits.

Under your domains find your .coin domain and click Manage button

Then on top you'll see the follow message:

Click on Get credits

After that it will give you the following message:

It will give you the details of the whole transaction and what you'll get both as Store credit and Promo credit.

Note: if you have used promo credit to purchase that domain in the first place then you'll only receive 3x in Promo credit

After that you need to click on Refund for 3x credits

Next you'll need to connect your wallet like MetaMask in which you have stored that domain name.

Then just simply sign the transaction and you'll be greeted with the following message:

After a few minutes when the transaction is included on the blockchain you'll receive the credits in your account.

I burned all my .coin domains

I had other .coin domains as well which I have also burnt and got the credits.

Honestly I don't see it as a loss or a gain, just a chance to start over again.

This time I'll do a better research and get different domains.

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1 year ago


Hey, nomad, I hope to read from you again. You have brought many articles, ideas, and projects that I enjoyed reading about. Lately, many of us lost a lot in terms of purchasing power. I hope you weren't disappointed with my response to your previous proposal regarding the domain. I was a bit blunt, but I was considering a lot at that point. If you keep publishing or working on any new project, some of us we'd be happy to know about it.

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1 year ago

Your exercise of buying the unstoppable domains seems productive.

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

I shall use your link for buying any unstoppable domains.

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1 year ago

Thanks, I have a few tips on how to research good domains you can refer to them as well if you like.

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1 year ago