Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It

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2 years ago

In April 1975 the Vietnam war came to an end as the communist took over the city of Saigon

The city of Saigon was the last part of the country that wasn't taken over yet, thus began the evacuations as USA airlifted their personnel from the roof of their embassy before the 'Fall of Saigon'.

Fast forward to August 2021 similar situation is observed as the city of Kabul in Afghanistan fell to Taliban control

Two images for comparison

The war in Afghanistan ended after 20 years

After spending $83 Billion, US Army withdrew from Afghanistan in July 2021, Taliban swept across the country and in a few weeks. And after capturing Kandahar and Herat moved on towards Kabul the capital city. President Ashraf Ghani fled the country after which the presidential palace was captured.

15th August 2021 Kabul fell

In his address to the press on 8th July 2021, US President Joe Biden said that Afghan troops are capable of handling Taliban forces of 75,000 as they number about 300,000 and are well-equipped.

However, as we know now that in matter of weeks these Afghan troops were defeated.

Few pointers

  • Afghan troops that were trained by US Army were depended on the air support by the US for supplies, logistics and strikes. which was withdrawn.

  • Many of the soldiers of Afghan troops abandoned there posts as they were mostly neglected by the Afghanistan Government, going without pay for 6-9 months, whereas Taliban offered these troops to let them and their family go unharmed if they abandon their posts.

  • Afghan troops were stretched to the limit by being spread across the country were as Taliban could concentrate on single points to target them when they were already low in morale

What's Next?

Putting Geo-politics aside the effects of this event will be mostly effect the common people of Afghanistan.

Because of this we are seeing the situation like that depicted in the video below

Warning: Disturbing and graphic content

In any war it is the people that suffer the most

It seems the turbulent days are still ahead and Taliban establishes the new government in the country.

However, Taliban spoke person has assured the rights and freedom of people specially women will be safeguarded, and promising that women can go to school and work, as well as leave homes with a male companion. Moreover they are promising the freedom of press and media in the country under their rule.

But can that really happen!?

We can only pray for the people of Afghanistan and that the new government under Taliban actually delivers on these promises.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

From 1996 till 2001 Afghanistan was controlled by Taliban and the country was officially known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

During these times strict Sharia law was enforced by force with public stoning:

Some of the things forbidden at that time:

  • All types of music, television and film

  • Many types of consumer technology

  • Most forms of art such as paintings or photography

  • male and female participation in sport

  • Recreational activities such as kite-flying and keeping pigeons or other pets

  • Movie theaters were closed and repurposed as mosques

  • Celebration of the Western and Iranian New Year was forbidden

  • Taking photographs and displaying pictures or portraits was forbidden, as it was considered by the Taliban as a form of idolatry

  • Women were banned from working and girls were forbidden to attend schools or universities

  • Women were to observe purdah and to be accompanied outside their households by male relatives

  • Men were forbidden to shave their beards and wear turbans outside their households

Could the Old Taliban transform into a more liberal new Taliban?

We can only hope so for the sake of the people of Afghanistan.

Everyone should have the right to live their lives freely and in peace and it is sad to see the current state of affairs of the world.

It is hard to imaging that Afghanistan, and more importantly Kabul was once an important part of the Hippie trail of the 1960s and looked a lot like an western society where women wear skirts.

Here are some photos from the lost Afghanistan

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2 years ago

Nice post you really did your research on this. @Pantera post a similar article yesterday about Afghanistan Once Again Under the Taliban Rule : I think you should read that, it have some great infor I think 🤔 you will acknowledge. ( ) Read and link to because I believe it will be relevant to reader too

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2 years ago

Yes, it is important that we talk about it, write about it, as much as we can. Pantera's article is great, he dives deep into the problems of the Taliban rule. We all should have an opinion about this issue as this effects not only the country of Afghanistan and its neighbouring region but also the world at large, no matter where you are. Thanks for being a part of this discussion and keeping the issue alive.

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2 years ago

We can only pray for the people of Afghanistan and that the new government under Taliban actually delivers on these promises.

I'm not sure that any kind of promise means something. The Taliban have learned diplomacy all these years. It will be horrific and as we've seen in the video already millions are trying to exit the country. I hope they will at least allow these people to leave. It is sad and disgrace to live in this kind of fear. You explained the situation perfectly @nomadghada.

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2 years ago

I know promises mean very little in today's times. But at this point when they have won all we can do is hope.

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2 years ago