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Quick update - airdrop is closing on 29th October 2021

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1 month ago
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Hey everyone,

So it has been a fun run with the airdrop, we have distributed a lot of tokens to a lot of people.

Moreover, we were able to generate a great amount of stories on the community. I am real proud of that and how the community is coming together.

However, it is time to close the airdrop. Therefore we have decided to close this airdrop now since it has served its purpose.

If you have participated then there is still time till the end of day 29th October 2021. Do note we would be using UTC time zone for this and you have till midnight to submit your entry.

We are constantly working towards improving the community and make further developments. That is why the NomadCoin token is now listed on mistswap and we are working towards getting it listed on other platforms as well.

Do stay tuned to the community for upcoming exciting updates.

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Congratulations with the MistSwap listing.

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1 month ago

Thanks 😊

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1 month ago