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3 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Just joined today, so far so go.

Introductions have always been hard for me, being an introvert it can be daunting to speak about yourself.

It's a kind of thing that is with you when you are in school and stays with you even as you mature; not that anyone well call be mature, Lol :P

So I have joined to move out of the Reddit communities which I feel have become toxic to a point that if you don't shill a particular coin you will most definitely be attacked.

So here I am, not sure how its going to be or I will find my audience but you never know.

Here are the Cryptos I shill:

  1. ADA

  2. BitcoinCash

  3. Nano

  4. Banano

While there are others but these are my most shilled.

Hope to have a good and constructive discussions

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