Is life an overrated phenomenon?

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A few days ago I read the article Meet The Strongest Creature Of Earth by @TheGuy and kept thinking to myself about a quote from the comic book and movie Watchmen

The comic book

The movie

Why is life precious?

What makes life so important?

Perhaps it is only to us humans, life is important because our own existence is dependent on it.

Would universe even care if humans go extinct?

Would you care if some microbial creatures living on your body die out? would you even notice?

What about Earth?

If we keep polluting and make the planet uninhabitable, would Earth ceases to exists? No. Earth will continue with or with life on it.

Even if we radiate the Earth with nuclear bombs and convert the blue globe into a red glowing rock, it wouldn't matter to the planet. It has always been a fiery place of following lava and volcano, only now has it looks like the way it does now.

If Earth returns to its previous state either by natural causes or by design would it matter to the planet or the solar system at large? Would Earth's siblings care if Earth becomes like them?

The question why we humans think of ourselves as special? We are just an cosmic anomaly. A phenomenon of chance chemical reaction with no consequence to our own planet let along the universe at large.

What about the Universe?

If the planet doesn't care and to a large extent the solar system, why would the universe full of countless stars and planets of such size and number that our minds can't even grasp its true scale would even knowledge let alone care about a planet that is just a small peck of dust in the grand cosmic landscape.

Even if the planet we call home is gone the universe will not even notice that a speck of dust on some side of it cosmic backyard has disappeared.

Let alone even care about the human life

What is life anyway?

Just a chemical reaction that took place in the random chaos of the cosmic cauldron to small to notice or care. something just bubbles up can bursts as a side effect on the large cosmic concoction.

And in the words of Mr. Manhattan from the Watchmen "It's a highly overrated phenomenon"

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