In a crisis, people show you what they really are.

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1 year ago
When the chips are down, these... these civilized people, they'll eat each other.
~ Joker, The Dark Knight


Hello everyone,

Firstly, I apologize for being away from Read and Noise for quite some time. I was almost 3 weeks ago that I posted my last article here on Read.

Hope I haven't lost my audience 😅

Before that article I did published a couple of articles here and there but I feel that they weren't as good as they use to be.

writer's block

You could say that it was the writer's block as I wasn't sure what to write, even why to write.

I just simply didn't wanted to churn out articles with no mean just for the sake of getting some tips without adding any value for my readers.

wrong state of mind

But more than the lack of ideas, I simply just wanted to stay away from the internet for sometime. I was just tired of all the people on the internet.

It seems like when times are bad people shed their skin of civility and become what they truly are, and in the internet age where you can hide behind an anonymous username people show you what they really are.

deleted my account

That is why I have deleted some of my accounts, specially my Reddit account. Just got fed up of that thing the most.

I have felt some relief after that and has given me time to focus on the things that matter.

world in chaos

It is no secret that world is not in the best of times right now, with ever rising inflation, falling Crypto and stock markets, war in Ukraine, disturbances in the global supply chain, the changing climate due to Global warming, etc, etc, etc.

Further more it seems like the troubles will continue with more problem in the future from the coming recession to world's food shortages.

what people really are

In these trying times people turn on each other and show you what they really are and those of us that don't want to get caught up in this rate race of hate and stupidity have no choice but to just walk away from the dystopia we live in.

what now

Right now, I am focusing on certain things off the internet but that doesn't been that I have completely abandoned the digital world. No, far from it. I just don't want to divert my energy on irrelevant things and focus on the things that matter.

Like Read.Cash - I want to improve my writing focus on good quality articles

Like Noise.Cash - Some of the best people I have met are on Noise and would try and engage with the community a lot more.

Like New projects - I have a couple of ideas that I want to build on and release to the world for their entertainment.

So much to do

Yes, the times are bad and people are showing their true face but inbetween all the chaos genuine people shine like diamonds in a coal mine.

Bad times help us identify who our real friends are and who can be trusted in good times and the bad.

Which is why I haven't deleted my Read or Noise accounts.

I will try and engage on our platforms Read and Noise more often.



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