How I almost lost my everything in Crypto

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2 years ago


This week has been a series of unfortunate events, with one thing after another breaking. Needless to say it has been a stressful week to say the least.

The dreadful Monday

Everything began on the Monday morning of August 30th

It was one of a day off from work and after the weekend of a bit of a party I was just chilling at home, browsing a few websites on my laptop when all off sudden the screen went blank. There was no sound or anything, it just went dead all of the sudden. Just to ne clear the entire system went off and not just the screen.

I tried a few things to get it to work again, I tried to hard reboot it, I tried to get the power started with direct pulgin but nothing worked.

I was at a loss, it is a gaming laptop that I got last year. It is one of the lower end variant but still powerful enough to run good modern games. It was out of my budget but I thought let's splurge once on a laptop. Moreover, I have upgraded it with a more RAM just a few months ago.

One of my worry was that if it isn't repaired then all that money is gone down the drain.

Second to go

My phone also broke along with my laptop on the same day. However, this was a bit of my own fault. I was lying on my bed stressed about my laptop with my phone by my side. When I shifted myself I knocked my phone off the bed and it fell screen first on the floor but a lod thud.

My heart just sank as I lifted my phone off the floor, praying 'please be ok, please be ok' but it wasn't ok. The whole screen was gone black with just a few pixel on the bottom light up white just a crack running across it.

Now I was without my laptop and phone and completely cut off from the online world.

The next day

Luckily I had a spare phone handy, the phone didn't had the same things that I needed but I is still a pretty good phone.

Now I had to make a choice, do I reinstall everything to the spare phone or do I repair my main phone.

I could get the data out of my old phone but the problem was the app data and the notes that I have locally on the device.

The laptop was not a choice, I had to get it repaired. I can't afford a new laptop at the moment, even a basic budget one.

The phone I had to think about because I have already spent quite a lot on repairs.

This isn't the first time I had replace the screen on this phone.

On a $200 phone I have already spent about $70 on repairimg the screen the first time. Now again I would have to spend the same amount (thanks Samsung).

The Crypto

The biggest problem is with my phone is the Crypto wallet apps that I have on it that has some of my BCH and some of my NFTs.

Moreover some of my wallets on my laptop have json keys that were on my laptop

Luckily I have backed up my major wallets' seeds on paper and json file on a pendrive.

Otherwise I am sure I would have had a major panic attack. (Those who have experienced panic attacks know that its not a pleasant experience)

However, some of my smaller things I hadn't backed up because of managing all the back ups can it tiresome.

I knew I could always back up most of my major Crypto holdings from seeds to my other phone in case I didn't get the phone repaired, but I would loss some of my smaller holdings.

Lesson to learn

Always back up your wallet and write them down on a paper and store in somewhere safe.

This is a very important thing and the reason I am writing this article, if you haven't done so yet then do it now and keep it secure.

You never know what may happen or when, it is always the best of advise to be prepared.

Back to the story

While I was still worried from all these unexpected problems and the cost to repair everything, I was without access to most of my social media accounts, emails and other such things.

I didn't integrate them on my other phone yet because I was still unsure about my broken phone. Moreover I thought it would be a fun experiment to live with limited access to the web.

I did log into my account but didn't do so for as it creates a new wallet for every device which is stored locally.


The problem is I live from paycheck to paycheck amd with all the bills and everything I barely have anything left. My credit card bills keep raising month by month as I fail to reign in the daily expenses.

Finally I decided to repair both my phone and laptop as I didn't want to loss some of the things that are on them.

I thought let it be even if it ruin my budget, I didn't want to loss my devices and not just because of the data on them. But also because I have been using and tailoring them to my needs amd habits.

Third thing...

While I was still going on with my day to day activities still trying to find time to get everything repair, the car started giving problems.

At this point the bad luck was an obvious amd tangible enemy.

Moreover since I live far from my work place I have to spend a lot of time on commute.

I thought about thinking some time either inbetween the work time or after work to get everything done.

But it just seemed that luck wasn't on my side.


Now I don't wamt to bore you with small things to let's fast forward to Saturday. When I finally went to the shop and gave the laptop to the guy who said that either it is the motherboard or the CPU that has shorted.

In case it is the motherboard then it can be repaired but if it is the CPU then nothing can be done, and it is gone.

Next I went to an unofficial 3rd party mobile repair shop.

The guy said he'll repair it the same day and at a chear price.

Atleast something was going good, however it took him a few hours to get the right screen but I got repaired the same day for about $50

So on a $200 phone I have spent about $120 on repairs (thanks Samsung)

Car trouble

I had to leave the laptop at the shop, again I have given it to unofficial 3rd party repair shop. Since it was no longer under the manufacturer warranty.

I could get the time to visit the mechanic because most of my day was spent and I was exhausted. On the way back the car trouble became so bad that I had the drive it slowly by the side of the road with parking lights on.

Sunday today

All said and done at the very least my phone was repaired with a new screen installed. So I was somewhat relieved but the car was turning out to be my biggest worry.

I was regretting that I hadn't got repaired earlier, since it is a old car I was also worried that something major could really make it undriveable and I wouldn't be able to get to work.

So first thing today I took it to a local mechanic and after spending about a few hours at the shop the mechanic told me that it was just a small thing that can easily be repaired.

I breathed a sigh of relief and after a few hours at the shop in the heat it was repaired and done.

Surprisingly the car what's the cheapest repair of them all.


I later got a call from the laptop guy that laptop will be repaired and ready to pick up by monday.

Even though it will cost me good amount, at least I don't have to buy a new laptop.

That is a good thing

After all the problems of the gruelling week everything is done, the phone is repaired, the car is repaired and the laptop I'll get on Monday tomorrow.

The morale of the story: always backup your Crypto seeds, wallet address and json keys. Put them in multiple places securely, even your smaller holdings of low value coins.

I am writing this article on my repaired phone, I mostly preferred to write on my laptop.

But I had to write this story and tell you, it is an important lesson and I really wanted to rant and tell someone about the week I have had.

Thanks for reading...

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2 years ago


Yes broh! My mates many time faced this issue that they didn't save their seed phrases and they lost their money but I had already saved my seed phrases and I know the pain when you lost your money.

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2 years ago

Thanks broh, yes it can be a nightmare. Luckily backing up seeds is a easy thing to do.

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2 years ago

Indeed. Have a good night mate.

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2 years ago

Thanks mate, you too have a good night

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2 years ago