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Google Pixel 6 features on non-Pixel phones

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10 months ago

The cool features of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

There are some great new features that are introduced with the new Google Pixel 6 which are exclusive to these devices, two of these such features are:

  • Live Captions

  • Magic Eraser

Live Caption: is basically subtitles that you can capture from any media.

Magic Eraser: is a additional tool in Google Photos that let's you remove any object from an image.

Getting these features on other phones

You might remember that I wrote an article Why you should consider flashing a Custom Rom on your phone and this can be considered to be an additional feature of installing a custom rom.

You can flash an Pixel 6 Pro rom to an non-Google smartphone

So you can't achieve this without tinkering with you rom, to use these features on your phone you will need to remove the OS from your phone and install the rom of Pixel 6 pro and make the server thing that yours is a pixel 6 pro device.

Now you can't just install any rom, you need a rom customized for your device.

At present I can tell you that one just thing exist for the Pocophone F1

And and by flashing that specific rom and a few additional steps you can get these features on your Pocophone F1 and use them like it was an Pixel device.

Not to mention that this rom is Android 12 which means while most of the phone are still stuck on Android 11 you can get the latest Android 12 along with the cool Pixel feature.

How to install the Rom?

Now I am not going to cover the steps in this article as there already exist a great video by some who is much more intelligent and knowledgeable about Android Custom Roms than me. Check out the video below:

In case you are not able to run the embedded video, here is the direct link:

Now as explained in the video you are going to need to first unlock your bootloader and second you need to install a custom recovery like TWRP

Do note this can be a bit risky if you don't know what you are doing, so take your time and research this for your smartphone device before going through with it.

The Lack of tensor chip of Pixel 6

As you know Pixel is using the new Tensor SoC chipset as the processor on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro, which are basically just modified Samsung Exynos SoC chips.

Would it effect the AI of the phone and since other phones might be use other chips (like Pocophone F1 uses the Snapdragon 845)?

Well, no

Sure the older chips won't be as fast as the Tensor chip (or shall I say Exynos chip) but it still works fine and can perform all the cool new features. As you can see in the video above.

Final thoughts

Even if you are not a enthusiast then it is good to have the knowledge about the things that you use everyday and depend on for everyday things, i.e. your smartphone.

You may have a older phone that you may want to continue to use but the original manufacturer isn't giving any more updates or supporting that device anymore in order for you to buy a new smartphone.

In that scenario at least you know you are not always at the mercy of the manufacturer and you can not only get the latest software but also upgrade its functionality as well.

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Written by   125
10 months ago
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