Could Russia be the next Super Power

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Disclaimer: This article is just a thought piece and takes no political stance, the author doesn't support or oppose any political sides or countries. This article is only meant to be a case study.

The next Century

The concept of a century (other that being a denomination of 100 years) is being a period dominated by a particular nation.

Currently we are described to be experiencing the American Century

Which is generally said to be since the mid 20th Century following the World War 2

Before the American Century it was said be preceded by British Century

For the future it is sometimes hypothesized that the next could be:

Chinese Century or Indian Century

Present state of the world suggest that things are not heading towards the either direction, not my views just the news that we are see on daily basis.

China is going through economic collapse which could hinder its plan for domination.

Where does Russia comes in all of this

Because US is losing some of its edge that it has enjoyed at the height of its power. Now we have the Ukrainian - Russian War that has been raging for over a month now.

And this has shown the world how much Russia can influence the world.

A full scale invasion by a large power is unheard of in the 21st century and with the threat of nuclear weapon a unlikely peace is barely maintained.

With the Russian invasion and the western sanctions things were against the invader, while many believed the if US intervened it could lead to a nuclear war and that to an extent stopped the western power from intervening and adverted an apocalypse.

Call me crazy but the idea of dying in nuclear fire or freezing in the nuclear winter doesn't seems like a lot of fun

In turn the western sanctions were imposed and enacted as the consequence which did hurt the Russian economy in the short run, but when Russia flexed its own sanctions over the world things were getting problematic.

Dependence on Russian energy

Russia controls a large part of the world's energy supply and without energy nothing can function.

Russia is the member of OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) and control 14% of the world's oil supply

Moreover natural gas which is needed to warm Europe's homes in the harsh cold of the winter, of which Russian supply makes up round 40 to 45%

This choke point has been exploited by Russia in response of the western sanctions

Energy is an important and crucial component of the modern world and without oil no war machine can function.

Alternatives of Renewable resources

West and particularly US never fully developed and innovated in the field of renewable resource because the greed of oil money was too much.

Oil lobbyist can be blamed for losing US its status of world power.

Renewable resources need time and we aren't had a stage were we can fully depend on it.

Even the electric vehicles run mostly on electricity generated from coal or oil.

US had the head start in terms of time and the means to develop the alternative energy resources.

Yet the Big Oil money was too much for many to not only promote it but to fully hinder it completely.

Should you start learning Russian now

While it is always good to learn and speak another language,

Things are at a stage where it is hard to predict anything.

Secondly US may not go down easily

While it is easy to focus on the things that are happening from the Russian side it is also important to look at how is US is responding to all the threats it is facing to its power.

US could counter the situation and come out on top or it could fizzle out but only time will tell.

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"Without oil no war machine can function." We like peace on Earth and tired of having this kind of chaos. I don't have any news about Ukrain & Russia, they continue til now.

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1 year ago

A common citizen just wants to live in peace, sadly the world politics doesn't work for the commoners like us.

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