Apple cuts out SIM Card from iPhone 14

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1 year ago

At this point its like a Apple ripping out body parts of its victim, one part at a time.

Apple event 2022

This was the first time I had watched an apple events since a lot of people told me that it is really good and not like other launch events.

So this time I actually sat down to watch it live, And I MUST tell you I was blown away by the sheer boredom that I felt.

I was actually yawning the whole time, and it reminded me of the toy commercials for kids that I use to love as a child and now as an adult hate them.

They kept repeating the same things over and over again with new flashy graphics and highlighting buzz words without specs.

Like iPhone has All-Day-Battery (Ok, maybe let us know the mAh!)

Now iPhone has features that Android had for years and the like.

No more Sim

Yes, the new iPhone 14 will not have a Sim Card tray meaning that now there will only be an option to use a eSim on the iPhone.

eSim as the only option!

Now I thing eSim is great and every phone should have it, but this shouldn't be just the only option.

A phone should give the user the option to choose, whether they want to use a physical Sim or an eSim.

There is no logic to keep cutting out parts of a functioning device, at this point I just see iPhone as a shinny looking cripple.

I already knew this was going to happen

I knew from the past pattern and how apple tries improve their profit margin by burdening their users.

I had predicted that Sim tray will be the next thing to go in favor of eSim.

Basically Apple will try to cut out anything that could mean less control over their users choices.

"You are just saying that because you're a Android fan"

I was a Android Fan Boy, yes.

But now I hate Android phone the same.

Don't get me wrong as an OS and a platform I think Android is great but what the manufacturers of the actual phone are doing just makes me puke a little.

Samsung is the worst

If I only had the option to use either the latest iPhone or the latest Samsung phone,

Then I'll chug them both into the nearest river and go without a phone.

Samsung's next move

I believe Samsung (which I believe to be worst than Apple) is going to first mock and make fun of Apple for removing the Sim tray and them they themselves will remove it from their phone in some time.

Then Xiaomi will create a chinese knockoff.

My hope for the future

Now honestly I want some 3rd type of phone or a phone substitute to come that is a complete opposite of Apple and do everything opposite to what Apple does.

Something that isn't Android.

Until then I am stuck with ever crippling Android.

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