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Alien Contagion: (Sci-fi fiction)

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It all started with mankind meddling with God, but things went from bad to worse when we messed with foreign Gods' work, or you can say alien Gods from unfathomable expanse.

My name is Oliver and I work for the CDC as a technician. For over a year I have been struggling with the knowledge of alien existence and that governments of various large nations have been experimenting with alien microbes.

I know that this as sounds fantastical at best and perhaps you may find this paper in some section marked 'fictional', but what I am about to tell you is what I have seen and witnessed first hand. I have been to the sight where alien microbes are experimented on and have seen what they can be to a human body.

Aliens have visited us before and as far as I know there has at least been one incident involving a crash that leaked some microbes onto Earth's soil. You will be hard pressed to find any information about it as it was figured out a long time ago that the best way to hide the truth is to cover it with a hay of lies.

Even those at the top don't know which one is fact from fiction as no records are maintained other than the original witnesses. There are no secret documents or files with big red 'Top Secret' stamp hiden in some locker somewhere.

There are many stories circulating even within the government that are aware of this phenomenon. As far as I am aware of most of them are more lies to cover the truth, but if you strip everything down to it bare bone you find the basic truth (or at least a part of it). Which is that alien visited us from a great distance through a journey of ages, they are explorers of the vast space and keep interaction limited to lesser being like us. One of the ship crashed on Earth and the aliens died and their bodies and technology were taken by the government agency.

The problem with humans handling advance alien captives is that it is not just their bodies but and whole ecosystem of alien organisms living on and in the, even their carcasses are a host of various microbes and enzymes and/or things that don't even have names or classifications for.

Luckily for us, biology of two seperate and alien ecosystems not go well together and most of the things that ship brought couldn't survive in our atmosphere. This time we were the biologically dominant biology.

And yet they thought it was a good idea to play around with it, and kept the alien microbes alive.

The Site

I work at the site of one of the CDC labs with my supervisor Edward (name changed, obviously).

Before I say anything else, I have a confession to make, me and Edward weren't the most honest of workers. We stole from our workplace and stoled them for extra cash, we would sneak around and find things we could smuggle out. It sounds bad but when you are working extra hours for reduced pay when your bills are piling up, it can be hard to stay completely honest and not cut a few corners, especially during the pandemic. Edward had a family, a wife and two kids, God bless his soul in heaven.

How we came to know of the alien contagion was completely by mistake, no where in the building will you find any mention of the alien biology just areas that are marked as bio hazard. Not even the documents say about the origin of these bio hazards, it was just something that the top personnel knew and acknowledged but never mentioned explicitly.

We as contractual low level technicians weren't in the know-how but had access to much of the expensive equipment. It was only when it came to manpower that governments seek lowest bidders, for equipment they leave no expense spared.

Whenever there was something new coming in or something had to be disposed of we would be able to scavenge something for ourselves. The problem with this was that most of the supplies were too specific to be sold in the open market.

Therefore, we would need to explore different areas for new supplies. You would be surprised how much relax the security personnel can get when they are inside the building rather then at the gate or perimeter.

Since we were faceless people in hazmat suits, we could just be the number printed on a rectangle our chest.

I will not go into much detail about the site or the people that work there, simply for the sake of discouraging others to seek it out and to protect the other staff we interacted with.

The reason I am going to tell you about Edward is because his sacrifice needs to be recognized.

The folly

It was during a long shift that went till late at night that Edward and I were in one of the lab on the underground levels fixing a centrifuge. The damn thing was a state if the art piece of crap that would always have some component not behaving as it should.

We had compliant about it and suggested to our supervisor that instead of this new model we should procure the regular old models that are more easier to fix and less prone to breakdown. Instead we received a supply of new motors for the crap model to fix.

Needless to say that the top management and the few that I have a great time talking to are not sure how to get the things done, to put it lightly.

However, this gave our access to a secure lab that is mostly off limits and technicians we only allowed under strict supervision of at least one scientist and one security personnel.

However, that day was different when we went into the lab only a handful of scientists were roaming around on verge of panic. And only the security guard was left to monitor us, who kept telling us to hurry up.

We would have protested to his panderings but we could feel the tension in the air.

There were no alarms or announcements so we didn't think much about it. But soon all we were alone with the guard as everyone else just deserted the place.

After a few more moments the security guy went frustrated and left cursing 'fuck this shit'

We should have left with him or at least after him but since the lab was left all to us, we could leave this opportunity. Moreover there didn't seem to be an urgency communicated to us, nor did any of the sirens were blaring.

We knew more valuable and easy to sell stuff were in the lab, without going into much detail all I would say is the stuff we were looking looking for was of the injectable variety that could be peddled on the streets for high price.

I don't know how long we were there in that lab careful going through all the drawers and cabinets, when you are left alone in a quiet closed confinement you could loss track of time.

Perhaps it was a few hours after we were left alone that we became more relaxed in out search and went through a lot of things from certain documents to strange and curious objects that we had never seen before.

It was through those documents that were left unattended on the computer monitors that we learnt that something was being sent to and from a lab in China. And that it has been loaned to the lab as a valuable asset to be experimemted on and the results shared.

While our objective was to find something valuable and get out we were intrigued by the little findings about the work that goes on in the lab. It seemed that someone with high level clearance had left in a hurry without logging out of the system.

Which meant we had access to a lot of valuable information, we did thought about selling the information as well but decided that we couldn't possibly find someone willing to pay for it.

Through this access we learnt that the thing being exported to the lab in China was cancelled because of the accidental leak that had occurred there, the leak was a weaknened strain of rare virus that had adapted to the local environment. The Chinese were mixing it with a virus found in terrestrial environment.

At first we didn't knew what did the they meant by terrestrial or local but the background files made everything clear. The virus was part of the culture obtained from the first crash that introduced the unknown microbes to our environment. As established by the first researchers organisms of different evolution process always compete with each other in order to survive, as they try to adapt and seek space or nutrients.

At this point we were in shock as to what we have stubbled into. The version I am telling you is the brief of our experience as a lot of details would just be fillers to the main point.

That point being, the we are not alone in the universe and the government has been for decades experimenting with alien biology. Recently something of alien origin was accidentally released into the world, but that was a weaknened strain and that the real unadulterated strain has evolved to deadly proportions after decades of experimemtation.

We were in the main lab that housed the main culture of the virus that had been kept in special containment along with rest of the alien microbe cultures. What was worse was the mention of something grotesque growth that had been forming in one of the containments that has been amalgamating alien and terrestrial organisms into something on the next evolutionary scale.

At that point we had enough and just wanted to get out from the lab. We went through every hallway we could find but the Labyrinth that was this cursed place was hard to navigate with a guide.

Strangely enough we ended up in another lab that was in a state of ruin with glass all over the floor as if a storm has just passed. The most peculiar thing about that place was the dust which was falling up, and I don't mean flying up from an updraft wind but actual falling to the ceiling.

It was there that through a large broken window we saw one of the containment chambers with a large red fungus like orb growing in the middle that had a gap in the middle. I call it fungus like because that the closest resembles I could think of but in reality it was a whole lot different than anything we could explain.

As we approached it I started to feel lightness on my legs that was quite relaxing as if a weight was being lifted off our shoulders. Before we could realize we were floating like as if in outer space in a calming smoothing effect as the tired muscles were relieved as sense of sleepiness started to flow over us.

It was then that I realized something red was building on our hazmat suits more so it was eating at the material, I panicked and screamed. This also snapped Edward out of te trance that we were in.

We struggled to find a foothold as we latched onto the heavy equipment and struggled towards the door. It was then that I looked at that cursed growth in the containment chamber as it was glowing like a bleeding red gemstone with the gap at the center pulsing like some hideous mouth.

As the red dust like fungus was growing on my suit I knew that I didn't had much time before it breached my suit. I grabbed onto the closest thing I could find and with all my strength pushed myself towards the door. Luckily was was able to reach and grab the door handle. But Edward wasn't so lucky the red dust like fungus had already breached his suit and he was slowly floating towards the gap of the thing.

I felt like someone has just grabbed by heart and squeezed real hard when I saw the pure terror on Edward's face as we was being sucked in. I knew at that moment I couldn't help him, but the guilt is still there with me.

I quickly got out of my hazmat suit and pushed it towards the thing and pulled myself out of the door slamming it as I exited. It took a few moments for my body to readjust to the normal gravity, I didn't look back but ran as fast as I could.

The end!!?

After my escape I somehow reached the perimeter where the security was gathered and had sealed the entire area.

They didn't let anyone go without a through testing involving nose swab and blood test.

I was afraid that I would be found to be positive and be moved to the lab. But strangely I never tested positive for anything through various test. Everyone at the site was held in quarantine for two weeks and after which those who tested negative we let go.

Some did tested positive and weren't allowed to go out or meet anyone.

When I got home the first thing I did was drafted my resignation letter. I wanted to visit Edward's family and tell them what happened but didn't knew what to say or how will it be taken by them. I most probably bring them more pain and brand myself a lunatic.

I did a few more test for various virus through my own but all of them came negative, I don't know why I didn't get it even when I was in that lab for solid few seconds without a hazmat suit.

Oddly enough I never have nightmares about it infact I sleep much better than ever before, at night I always felt a calm lightness as if the weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

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Written by   64
1 month ago
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nice post I love science fiction novels & movies. that why have created a Sci-fi community here on ( you can join and share more of your novels)

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Thanks, I have joined the community. This was my first story on haven't written anything much yet.

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This was my first story on haven't written anything much yet

wow, you were on point

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Thanks 😊

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