Airdrop: 0chain wallet ZCN

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2 years ago
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Note: This is not financial advise, I am just sharing this information just so you're informed of the current development

I am not part of the 0Chain team nor do I know if this project is going to be a success or not.

I am just writing this article to let you know that they are currently running an airdrop campaign where if you signup for there newsletter you'll get 10 ZCN when their wallet is launched.

0CHAIN is an upcoming wallet that aims to be a hot wallet with the security of a cold wallet

Instructions on how to participate in this airdrop:

  1. Go to 0Chain website

  2. Log into your e-mail ID (use a valid address so that you receive claim in it)

  3. You'll receive a verification e-mail, click on 'Verify your mail' (mail may take some time to arrive)

  4. That's it you'll receive your ZCN sometime in the future

While we don't know how the wallet is going to be or how success it and its crypto ZCN is going to be, still it is free for just a sign up.

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