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Each of us has experienced our youth in different ways. But we all went through a phase of growing up that was very exciting and interesting. When I think back, I feel like you were taking a train on a winding route through different landscapes. I was also probably lucky enough to be born to parents who only wanted the best for me, and I am still grateful for the love today. This is why the parent-child relationship is paramount. The parent has the role of directing the child in no way but restricting and suppressing it, as it also reduces his confidence. In the phase when a child goes into teenage years, there are more and more differences between peers. Focusing on the notion of self-esteem, some are more radiant, others less so. I used to play in various rock bands all through my teens and we had several performances. I think music has helped me gain confidence. Again, other teens gained confidence in sports activities and various competitions. More artistic souls, however, through their creations. For the most part, therefore, the more extroverted persons are more confident, but this may not always be the case. We have been able to do the most in the development of self-esteem in our growing up years, but that does not mean that even as adults we do not have to gain self-confidence.


First, it makes sense to perform self-reflection on yourself. Deepen yourself and relax. You can do this exercise for a few days until you get a clear picture of your self-image. Think about yourself and find as many positives as possible. It's basically like looking in the mirror and discovering the beauty of your soul. If you have the option to write down these positives somewhere on paper, do it. This should be your motivation sheet, which you can look up to several times and raise your self-esteem on the basis that you have a lot of positive qualities in you that you need to radiate outward as well. You can also help yourself by reading a variety of books about personal growth and motivation that help you gain self-worth and expand your perspective. Start appreciating and love yourself. You will feel much better and full of love for yourself and the rest. People will remember you the most about the feeling and impression you have left on it, rather than your appearance, dress or social status. Face the existing situation and make a plan if you can change certain things for the better. Whether they are of visual or mental importance, it doesn't matter. It's important to convert accumulated negative energy or blockages on a daily basis into positive and motivational energy that will turn you into a more confident person. Take the forge of your fortune and take the scissors and canvas in your hands. Think less and act more and you will achieve what you never hoped or didn't believe you could do before.


An orderly life on the principle of mastery of control is very important. This is the foundation on which you will build your house of success. The more solid the foundation, the more reliably you create, the more it will support your continued operations and ideas for the future. Somehow I found out that the 80/20 method works for me. This is not a method of 80% response versus 20% performance, but 80% routine and 20% exploration and continuous learning. This relationship is absolutely not hammered into stone, but you have to figure out what works for you.

• 80% represent a recurring daily routine. (To sum up an example of a daily routine: morning meditation, work, lunch, coffee with friends, sporting activity, current affairs review, book reading and nighttime sleep).

• 20% represents research and ongoing learning. (Reserve time for these activities that follow your goals and look for new ways to optimize certain activities or find new approaches).

Act proactively and you will progress in all areas of your heart. Not to forget the magic triangle: body, mind and heart. Develop all three at the same time to be more youthful, joyful, and gain confidence that others will also notice.

Finally, let's describe some other options for how to improve your self-esteem. Achievements where you put a lot of effort and effort into the results are visible, you should also be able to boast. You can do this on your own or present your reach to friends who might be interested and perhaps inspired by your pursuit. Some tips namely:

• You are constantly learning new skills.

• Not to forget about your outside trim and hygiene.

• Avoid things that consume your energy and use your time.

• Get active in sports and get involved in music or art.

• Find an icon that gives you extra motivation.

• Be generous and help other people.

• Give back your knowledge and be an inspiration to others who want something more.

• Never give up!

Be confident and wish you a good day.


Alex Oswald (Team Brainwave Tech Media)

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A very good article. "It is good for parents to build self confidence in their children, so as to be able to face the challenges of life even in the absence of their parents".

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