How to live with a chronic illness?

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Living with a chronic illness is not easy. Chronic illness should not be confused with acute illness that occurs and can be overcome with appropriate treatment. Chronic illness, however, accompanies us on a daily basis and often cannot be cured. The disease develops in the long run and if not acted upon in time. Treatment may develop into a more severe form.

Chronic illness sets a boundary for both work and leisure. We will mention the most common chronic diseases we know today:

•        Cancer;

•        Cardiovascular disease;

•        Stress;

•        Anxiety;

•        Depression;

•        Diabetes;

•        Asthma;

•        Kidney failure;

•        Arthritis;

•        Parkinson's disease;

•        Multiple scleroses;

•        Intestinal diseases.


Because of illness, we must in no way surrender and think, that we are helpless. First of all, we have to find a way to change something so that, despite the illness, we can live as normal as possible. Despite help from doctors and friends, we can do a lot of things ourselves. We should focus on the following:

•        To recognize the signs of the disease and act quickly;

•        We see a doctor in a timely manner and examine the prescribed medications;

•        Gain knowledge of the disease through a variety of sources and literature;

•        Let's adapt our lifestyle;

•        Let's make a proper diet list;

•        Let's monitor how our body responds to prescribed treatment;

•        We share illness information with family and friends;

•        More rest;

•        Arrange our lives so that we can get the best we can despite the illness;

•        Keep it positive.

Due to the fact that a chronic disease that develops slowly is usually not curable, it causes many problems. Today's medicine treats chronic diseases by trying to suppress the effect of disease progression. Above all, the onset symptoms are treated.

We must not let go of the fear that may prevail over our mind and face the denial. Anger or depression should not be allowed to win the battle in us. We must also abandon all bad habits that impair our health. We will certainly face some degree of stress, which will be present because of all the changes, but with time it will be better and we should never lose hope. When we are faced with the fact that we are sick, it is time to adjust our lifestyle.

The illness can affect the psycho-physical health of both the patient and the caregivers. That is why it is important to maintain good mental stability. Often, the treatment phase takes a long time to determine how the patient responds to medication. For certain conditions, biological drugs have a record of good effects. But above all, we must be aware of the side effects that can occur during treatment. You should consistently inform your doctor about your well-being.


In conclusion, we can try to live a healthy lifestyle and work towards maintaining our vitality. We wish you to stay healthy.



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