HONEY - Sweet and healthy product of mother nature

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Honey represents food, sweetener and medicine. It is a natural product that is energy rich and has been appreciated by humankind for thousands of years. Honey is a sweet, aromatic liquid that solidifies after a while. It is produced by bees from flower nectar or the secretions of aphids on some trees. The bees collect nectar for their food and process it into honey, which serves them for food at a time when no suitable food is found in nature. The collected nectar is processed and stored by bees in waxy honeycomb cells in the hive. When the honey in the honeycomb matures, it is covered with wax lids. If the harvest is good, the bees collect more honey than we need for our supplies. This surplus of honey can drain the beekeeper from the honeycomb.

Given that some bees collect nectar on some plants, different types of honey are distinguished, so there are as many honey as there are different flowers. Honey thus differs in color, taste, odor and crystallization rate. Most honey crystallizes after a while, which means it hardens. Hence the process of hardening the solidified honey can be liquefied by heating it up (over 40°C for a longer time). Honey consists of different types of sugars, most of which are glucose and fructose. It also consists of:

• Protein,

• Acids,

• Amino acids,

• Pollen,

• Enzymes,

• Minerals and aromatic substances,

• Water and other elements.

Honey is a very beneficial food for the human body. Honey can primarily replace industrial sugar. More people dissolve honey by enjoying it in tea, juice or as a sweetener. Honey contains about 80 KJ per 100g of pure energy, which is about 330 kcal. An excellent feature of honey is that it is used by the human body as soon as it is consumed. It is also ideal to eat honey before heavy sports training or sports. It is highly valued among people because it also has healing properties. It has many effects on human health, to name a few:

• It provides minerals and vitamins to the body;

• Promotes the digestion and elimination of harmful substances;

• Gives the body energy in the form of easily digestible sugars;

• Eating before bedtime has beneficial effects to reduce mucosal inflammation;

• Helps against inflammation of the nasal cavity;

• Alleviates signs of depression and nervousness;

• Improves concentration;

• Improves mental state;

• Assists in renal function;

• Acts antiseptic;

• It helps in better functioning of the heart;

• It helps with stomach and stomach problems.

In addition to the aforementioned effects, it also restores physical strength and provides clean energy. However, since we know, several types of honey, here we will focus on only a few types, namely:

• Floral honey (Bees extract it from different flowers and it has a rich aroma and is further divided into many subspecies).

• Forest honey (It has a darker color. It contains a much larger number of minerals than other honey. It has a healing effect against coughs and other lung diseases).

• Chestnut honey (Has a slightly bitter taste due to the higher content of chestnut pollen. It promotes blood flow and works well on the vascular system. It is especially effective in treating inflamed bladder).

• Acacia honey (It has a high viscosity, which means that it is very liquid. It is slightly yellow in color, but it hardens only partially. It has a mild taste and a mild scent, soothing and relaxing).

• Linden honey (It is yellow in color and has a pleasant aroma of linden flowers. It helps us to cough up lungs and lung diseases. Honey soothes and acts antiseptic).

When preparing honey, therefore, care must be taken not to expose it to heat in excess of 60 degrees Celsius as it may lose its healing properties. Honey is appreciated all over the world, so most enjoy it as a substitute for jam instead of breakfast. How we enjoy honey is, therefore, primarily left to our imagination. Most importantly, we need to get honey from a beekeeper who takes care of natural processing without added sugars.


Stay healthy and have a great day.



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honey is a natural medicine.it don't rotten.it always pure and good for health.we use it in allergic conditions.

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