Is it love or just lust

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Happy Easter Sunday people and friends. Many went to the beach earlier, celebrating the resurrection of the lord. I was just here all day at home, I just slept because I had a headache. That's how boring my life is, just locked inside the house all day.

Over the past year, I still can't forget it has been my life experience. I have gone through many trials in my life but I have overcome them.

It was 2012 when I graduated from highschool, because it was a vacation so I wanted to look for a job first so I could buy a new cellphone. My cellphone was just the keypad and then my sisters used it, so when it came to me it was a bit broken.

So I thought of working as a saleswoman first, but the one I applied for was not a saleswoman as I wanted. That's what my sister found because she was the one I asked to find me a job. The salary was cheap then, 2,000 ($40) per month. But I agreed because I said I would just save it.

My boss owns a grocery store and they have three children. My employers are 32 to 35 yrs. old, and I was only 18 then. They are a kind couple as well as children. I had a good month working with them. During the second month that changed, one day mg female boss and their children went to the beach and my male boss left their house, at lunch a woman came and I thought she was their niece because when I opened the door she immediately entered, and went up to the second floor where my male boss was in their room. I didn't know the woman so I just left them there on the second floor, I didn't go up because I did lot of laundry.

That same day, my boss begged me not to tell ma'am that a woman had come to their house. I found out that my boss was another woman. And since that happened, it seems like my boss is different, he always asks me if I have a boyfriend, and I answer him no. Because my 1st bf and I were just separated. He even tells me that my boobs are growing, he always notices that. I just don't pay attention to him even though I'm disgusted. Then he always texted me. I was afraid then that he might do something to me and then I would always be alone in their house.

Especially I still have the trauma of what happened to me that I also wrote here Incident that I will never forget you can read that.

He text me everyday and he gives me various foods but his wife doesn't know. I thought it was just a snack he was giving me. I didn't delete all that his text because I had evidence when something bad happened to me . At night I couldn't sleep because he said he was going to enter my room, so I locked my room well. I was so scared and couldn't sleep.

He even told me that he would support me in my studied in college, that I had an allowance every month and he would rent an apartment and I would live there, he promised me everything. And he wanted me to be his mistress.

In my mind , I never dreamed of being a mistress. As in Never, and he thought he would fool me.

And one day my lady boss told me that I could take a day off. That was the opportunity I used to leave them. My male boss even talked me about coming back, because he probably knew I wouldn't be coming back. But the truth is not anymore. But I left my belongings so that they wouldn't notice that I wouldn't be coming back.

I've been at our house for two days when I texted my lady boss that I can't come back because my father doesn't want to allow me to work anymore. But I only said that because I really didn't want to go back to them. Maybe what else will happen to me when I comeback. My lady boss even begged me to comeback for at least one week so that they could find a replacement for me. But I said my father didn't want to. And all the things I left with them, I just took to my sister. And even though my boss called me I didn't answer and I changed my sim so he couldn't contact me anymore.

closing thought

I know it's just lust, what my boss feels for me and not love. So I didn't really believe what he was saying. He eve sang me "Bakit ngayon ka lang". Even though I was young then, I already knew what was right and wrong. And I feel so sorry for his wife, I wish I could tell my lady boss what her husband is doing. But pity their children, so I just let it go. Because nothing bad happen to me. The important thing is that I survived the danger that could happen to me.

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Naranasan ko din yan noon nag work din ako kasi nag byahe kami dalawa lang tapos my balak pala siyang masama takot na takot ako that time sinumbong ko siya sa kamag anak niya, and takenote my family din siya. Tama yong ginawa mo na hindi na bumalik baka mauwi pa yan sa alam muna.

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2 years ago

grabe noh, mga lalaki talaga kahit may asawa na mambabae pa. Oo nga sis yun kinakatakutan ko kaya d na talaga ako nagpakita

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2 years ago