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Good friday to everyone here, how is your holy week?

I have nothing to do right now so I will answer a few of these questions. I saw it with sis @Jeansapphire39 , so I said I would try.

This is the question I chose that I want to answer.

Do you like your name? Would you ever change it?

Yes I like my name "Shenna". I was the only S at the beginning of the name and my mother named it after me because of the famous singer Shenna Easton, so that I would be a singer when I grow up. But unfortunately I don't have the talent to sing. I don't want to change that because my name is special to me, because my parents named it after me.

Who do you want to be closer to?

The lord, I want to be closer to him.Because of all the trials in life, he is the only one I can cling to. And all the problems he is the only one I trust that he will not leave me.

What is your favorite season? Why?

I like the summer season the most, there are only two seasons here in the Philippines. And summer is really what I like most because we love to swim in the sea and relax from time to time.

What is your most used emoji?

The funny emoji I always use, I like that especially when were joking in group chat. I lose my stress, and its also youthful to always laugh. Even if there is a problem, we still laugh.

What do you regret the most?

When I reprimanded my parents, I knew then that they were just taking care of me but I became stubborn. But I regret that very much. When I remember what I did, I am ashamed of them. I can't even mention my guilt to them, but I'm trying to make up for what I did.

Do you like spicy food?

I like spicy food, especially the videos I see on youtube and then they eat spicy ones. Its like the delicious taste of what they eat, even if it's very spicy. But the moderately spicy one I can eat. I don't want it to be too spicy because my mouth might even smoke. I want to eat korean foods but I don't have a budget yet hahaha

If you could learn a new skill, what would it be?

Baking and sewing is what I like. In baking I like to learn to make cakes, cookies and much more. I want to learn that, so that when there is an occasion I will just do it. Secondly, sewing, because I also love to sew and I want to learn how to sew curtains, clothes and shorts. Especially bed covers and pillowcases. I also want to learn crochet.I want to dicover a lot on my own, but right now I can't because my children is still young.

Do you drink your tea or coffee with sugar?

Yes I really put sugar in my coffee, but only a little sugar. My day is not complete without coffee. Even though the weather is hot, I'm still looking for coffee. Coffee is life, even coffee is enough for me. And whatever coffee it is, it's all my favorite.

Those are the only questions I will answer. You guys can do it too, You just choose the question you want to answer..

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Baking din gusto ko sis at pwede na ako mgbenta online. Bili muna ako ng oven hehehe.

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oo sis maganda sa online magbenta.. mas marami nag oorder sa online.. mura lang naman siguro sis ang oven

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Kaya nga sis eh. Tska na ako bibili pg nkalipat na kmi sa 2nd floor.

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wow nice sis.. goodluck sis.

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