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A Sad Goodbye To Diego Armando Maradona

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5 months ago

Yesterday, while doing somethings online,a notification just popped up on my phone screen,the heading of the notification made me quickly click on that notification to check it out if it's actually true or not..While it was still loading,I was silently praying within me that it shouldn't be true..

My prayer didn't change the fact that Diego Maradona has said goodbye to this world. Have read and heard a lot about this great football legend.He was someone that rose from grass to grace.

He was born in the month of October,1960.. He was born into a poor family. He didn't allow that to define him,rather than allow that to define him,he saw football as the best route that would bring him out of poverty. He put his best into football..

He started making it real big right from a very young age that even as a teenager he helped his country (Argentina) to victory in the FIFA 1979 World Youth Championship in Japan.

I heard of the way he dribbled past nearly half the England football team he played with some years ago before he finally slotted the ball into the net... That goal was mind-blowing and people that watched that match always say it with lots of enthusiasm.

Was also told that in that same match ,Maradona also had one of international football most notorious goals against his name.. That notorious goal came to be known as "Hand of God" goal reason being that Maradona described the goal as the "Hand of God".. Maradona was and would continue to be a legend..

There is this his saying that I read online..He said "If I was in a white dress at a wedding and a muddy ball arrived...I would stop it from the chest without thinking about it". Lol...That shows his great love for football... 

In the year 1994, he was tested positive in a drugs test during the tournament and that made them expel him from the world cup by FIFA.. His health started deteriorating due to alcohol consumption and substance abuse..It was a fall from Grace for this great legend... Please,say NO to drugs..

He later recovered and took over as Argentina coach ahead of the year 2010 world cup in South Africa with Lionel Messi under his wing. Lionel Messi became more of Diego Maradona on the football pitch...

His health issue flared up again as he approached 60 years of age. Even after he did emergency surgery for a subdurral haematoma in 2020,he ended up dying as a result of heart attack in his own home yesterday,which was November 25th 2020.

Year 2020 is a year that won't be forgotten in a hurry. It's a year in which we lost the greatest player of all time...Rest on legend Diego Armando Maradona.

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5 months ago
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