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You do not understand love

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10 months ago

The ideology of Tarkalankar

That's why you didn't assimilate

You do not understand love

I don't understand why the face does not open and the chest bursts

I see you in the blink of an eye

Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you

Sumand Dakhina Pidim extinguished

Brings you to the right path of the mind -

For you with Nabanna rice

This time there is Tata Thai Thai duck

Binni paddy field is full of shanki

There is a message of nolen molasses like a dream -

I will make you sound like Kajla Didi

The moon has risen over the head of the bamboo garden

By teaching mango in the python

I will teach you more and always tell the truth -

In the magical greetings of the bumblebee

I will fight incessantly

It will wake up a thousand flowers

Who knows why people are so careless -

Honey will be honey on your arrival this night

Like Lajjavati, I will live and die, Sajni

The morning will be very beautiful

I will dance the neck and tell you - good morning friend.

I don't know how much everyone will like the poem I have written. The name of the poem

Happiness lost.

I forgot everything, I was wrapped up

The leaves of the random creation of life.

Suddenly, like the golden dot of dew,

From where did you get the lost happiness-dream of life

To spread light as dry stars in the distant sky

Make the emptiness of this heart full ,,,,,

Or the accumulated pain

In the fire of torment

I will burn forever.

The touch of love is in the corner of the magician's eye

In a warm call with a handshake

Call Neo More.

But keep this in mind,

Make me cry

You will cry without knowing it !!!!!

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Written by   65
10 months ago
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Nice one

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10 months ago