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What is a court marriage?

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6 months ago

A very common one is court marriage. We need to be clear about this

What is a court marriage?

Ordinary people mean a court marriage in which the marriage is consummated in the presence of a magistrate. In reality, there is no chance of the marriage being consummated in the court. Many lawyers also complete an affidavit of marriage without explaining the issue of court marriage. The affidavit is written on a non-judicial stamp of Rs. 200 and is completed before a notary public or a first class magistrate. It is just an announcement of marriage. In other words, through this affidavit, the bride and groom only got married in accordance with the law.

Legal Basis

There is no legal basis for court marriage. That is, there is no provision for court marriage in Hindu law, Muslim law or any other customary law. The declaration of such a marriage is not considered a valid marriage.

Legal Consequences

Since court marriage is not a marriage in the eyes of the law, it has zero legal consequences. In other words, the responsibilities and rights that arise as a result of a valid marriage have no chance in the case of a court marriage. If the husband and wife start living by taking court marriage as a valid marriage-

1. If it is a child, it will be illegal in the eyes of the law;

2. The wife gives the seal, will not be entitled to maintenance;

3. Husbands and wives cannot inherit each other's property;

4. There will be no opportunity to sue for restoration of marital rights etc.

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Nice article

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