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What a shame the era of scholarship has come!

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9 months ago

What a shame the era of scholarship has come!

And Zuckerberg's amazing Hawaiian medium called Facebook is identifying the shameless idiots of this age.

What a strange thing, one person writes another post, Bhabkhana Bangla grammar teacher. What a circus, what a flatterer, what a hypocrite! What an unimaginable deception.

He doesn't know the difference between 'good' and 'bad'! But when reading his status, even the scholars of many languages ​​are forced to shake their heads, they can't sit still.

Who doesn't know the pronunciation of his own words! Stay away, to know the meaning

Can a person who has not passed the fifth grade be reassured when he talks about the idea of ​​a college principal?

Some people again show their audacity by combining themselves with Shah Abdul Karim, Qari Amir Uddin, poet Nazrul's knowledge, merit !! They said that they have become highly educated so why can't we!

A friend of mine thinks of himself as the great poet Kalidasa

Wrote the song;

Dear friend, you have made me a eunuch -

He told me how was the song?

He was angry when he saw me laughing and rolling on the carpet

What happened to my song?

The father of the song -

I don't understand what the word neuter means

He said I don't know either

But the word is beautiful

Don't listen to this song anymore,

He said the book had been printed

I smile again

He doesn't say anything

Let him talk

Tell me how to live -

When I look back at his Facebook status a few years ago, I can see that he is writing

"Bhandughan, how will you relieve my new wound?"

Reading the status of that writer is as stupid as I am today, and the university teacher is sure to fall into the sphere of puzzle, wondering how it happened! Roy is left to understand |

It is not possible to be either

Thousands of examples come to mind, not to mention one -

A young foreigner has returned home a few days later. The torture business of honor with crest in the village is now in full swing. I don't know

One of the flatterer type group in the village said, "Brother, go to the lyricist's forest and you will see that in a month, a dozen honorary certificates will be filled with showcases. Now the market for becoming a poet overnight is very hot."

They cost more than digital photos hung on the gate, lasting lasting and will last a lifetime.

"I don't know how to write songs, I almost forgot to read and write Bengali because I went abroad when I was young, but I listen to songs, I like Hindi Punjabi more than Bengali."

I grew up listening to my Daima Daima Go

I would rather buy the most expensive cow and slaughter it on Eid-ul-Adha. I believe that if I sacrifice a cow, my name will be ruined, otherwise I will fight by buying bulls next winter.

The man thought he was a group of flatterers

So a whole donkey, and just a cow in his head.

They said, "Leave the goods, brother, we are making arrangements to make you a poet and take you to the pinnacle of honor. Leave everything and relax."

As the saying goes

Two weeks later, the lyricist was honored at a grand event

Along with his solo song album is Jhank Jhamak Abhishek | Overnight Going to the Forest

The lyricist gave a long speech in his expatriate language, and the applause was all around !!

Suffering is great sorrow-

The man who didn't even know a week ago is a great poet today!

These types of greedy, lustful, color thieves, honorable people are buying knowledge today! We also call them honorable people. Guys are awesome!

However, we know and understand and remain silent

Because no one knows?

Truth and falsehood - thief and saint -

Good and bad - poet and copy

Wise and foolish - serious and saved

The whole social system is under the control of some greedy people who are intoxicated with the cunning technique of putting everyone on one bench and chanting the same weight.

If you want to survive, it is better to keep yourself away from them

Because you have to acquire knowledge

Vidya could not be bought, will not go

Rather, if you do these things, your conscience will destroy you one day

These words are not meant to hurt someone but to alleviate the pain.

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Written by   64
9 months ago
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