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we are all very selfish

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11 months ago

This I, you, we are all very selfish.  We only see success people.  We don't see any people who are tired of the war of life.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

Many of them may be drowning in despair!  Suffering from depression!  We may or may not know that he has fixed the people in his mind and does not want to live!

We always look for people who have good jobs, who have good results.  People who don't get a job, boys / girls who don't get good results are not sought.  I do not want to know how much people suffer from depression!

No one lives with people, no one says "we are all with you" for once, no one says!  Everyone says the opposite, who got a good job next door, who did a good result, all this comes and shows!

Every person who suffers from depression has a losing story.  Stories that no one ever wanted to hear!  The things that can't be said surround them with depression, loneliness is sitting on them!  A colorful life tends to be colorless!

Don't we have time to talk to the depressed people around us?  Let's take a moment to talk to them.  I hear their troubles.  Give them a little inspiration.  We can awaken their frustrated beliefs.  Life that has turned gray will be colorful agaEveryone complains, 'No one talks!'

What does not really keep?

No, not everyone is one!

Some people don't talk, so not everyone talks ... but not!

It hurts when someone comes to you at the last minute and doesn't keep the word he gave you!

So you can't say it, nobody talks!

Think about it, did you keep your word to everyone?

But people just change their minds.

For your own benefit, for self-interest.

Not everyone is selfish!

There are some who do not think about themselves but think about the words given to others!

However, there are very few cases of sacrificing one's own interests to keep one's word.

Not everyone leaves in the middle of the hand!

Some people hold on for a lifetime!

Because they know how to hold!

He knows how to keep very close!

Not everyone is a traitor!

Some people know the value of faith!

Some people know how to believe.

Not everyone is one!

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

But there are also good people.  They keep talking.

If everyone didn't talk, no one would be trusted again!

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Written by   65
11 months ago
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