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They are my family or not

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6 months ago

After 22 long years, I heard that the people I live with are not my family. I was not ready at all to hear such a thing. I love my parents very much. They love me very much.

They never understood that I was not their child. When I heard it today, it seemed for a moment that my world had come to a standstill.

My breathing seems to have stopped. Standing next to me, my sister Soma is crying. Maybe she also found out today. And my parents are sitting with their heads down.

I slowly stepped forward in front of Dad. I got down on my knees and took my father's hands in my fists and said in a trembling voice,

- "Dad, you say you're joking. I'm your child. Don't say, Dad, please tell me once."

Auntie from the side said,

- "Dulabhai Arki will say? The truth is that you are not their son. Their only child is Soma. And you are a foster son."

Mom said,

- "Sister, shut up. Rihan is my child. You believe all the lies that your aunt is saying. You are my child. My first child."

Dad said,

- "Yes, Rihanna. Your mother is right. You are our child."

Auntie said again in a hushed voice,

- "Dula Bhai, no matter what you say, Rihanna is your son. But remember, the truth will never be a lie."

Before I could say anything to my aunt, I said,

- "Stay mother. You don't say anything else. I understand what I mean."

I came out of the house. My mother and father called me from behind a few times but I did not respond. Those for whom I have grown up for 22 long years.

I am Rihanna. I am the eldest son of my parents. It would be wrong to say sorry, I am their foster son. We live in the village. I am the son of a middle class family.

I have just finished honors. And Soma is now pulling the class. Dad is struggling to run the family. I have tried to help him for a long time but my father does not agree.

I have to stand on my own two feet. Until then, my father will suffer a little. If I had to say something, Mao would say the same thing. Finally, I have completed my honors.

Now I say you may be wondering how I came to know that I am a foster boy. Let's say.

The last two days, Khalamani's daughter Riya sent Khalamani to our house. Riya likes me a lot. So she sent me to talk about marriage. But I got angry when I heard that and said straight away that I will not marry Riya.

Because I always thought of her as my younger sister like Soma. So Khalamani left without further ado. She went and told Riya. Riya cried a lot. She stopped eating.

Seeing all this, Khalamani yesterday told her father about marriage again. She also said that it means to me. But I don't do it again.

- "Apa, you are exaggerating. My son said he will not marry Riya. I can't force him there, can I?"

- "Listen, Anju, how can I hear less about my daughter? Your foster son who doesn't want to marry my daughter?"

- "Apa, you are talking a little too much. Rihan is not a foster boy. He is my son."

- "Yes, I know it's your son. But you didn't hold it in your stomach. You got lazy on the road. He's your foster son."

Dad said,

- "Apa, you are not doing well at all. Don't say the same thing over and over again. Rihanna is my child. We will marry whomever my child likes. You can come now."

When my father returned to the front, he saw me standing. The atmosphere of the house changed at the moment he saw me. And when I heard Khalamani's words, my eyes widened. The tears rolled down my cheeks at that moment.

You know what happened after that.

I am sitting under a big tree a little away from home. I am looking for the sky. Salt water is gradually flowing from my eyes.

Although the boys refused to cry. My parents never let me cry. I got what I wanted immediately. What my father could not give immediately, he kept in mind. But he gave that thing another day.

Where my parents did not fulfill any of my wishes. Who will say that they are not my own parents?

I am thinking of drinking the sky. My eyes are burning. I am sitting quietly. Then I touched someone's hand while crying. I realized that it was Soma without staying behind. Soma sat next to me and said,

- "Brother, why are you sitting here alone? Let's go home. Mom is crying for you. Dad can't handle Mom."

I ignored Soma and said,

- "Well, Soma, will you miss me if I'm not there?"

Soma cried and said,

- "Please brother, don't say such a thing. Look, no one else, Manuk or Manuk. I am Ammu and Abbu, Mani, you are the son of our house. Ammu is the only son of Abbu and my only brother. Brother?

Don't you know that my mother will die without you? And you can leave us alone? "

Hearing Soma's words, it came to my throat. The tears have increased thousands of times. Can I really live without my mother and father? And my mother? I am crazy to say.

What will happen to my mother if I am not there? She may die. No, no. I can't be so cruel. I can't hurt those who have kept me in absolute compassion for so many years. Nothing.

Thinking about all this, I wiped away the tears. I took Soma home.

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Written by   64
6 months ago
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