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Some things for and against Facebook

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9 months ago

Some things for and against Facebook !!

Users have different opinions about the popular social networking website Facebook. Some think it is the most effective means of communication; According to some, it is a waste of time. Although more like Facebook. However, there are opinions against.

Speaking for.

Facebook is good or bad, it depends entirely on the user. If I sit with Facebook from time to time, then it is nothing but a waste of time. On the other hand, it is not a bad thing to share your words and special moments with your friends from time to time, but it can help you stay mentally healthy.

The good side of Facebook is more than the bad side. Through this we can find friends from school and college. The joy of getting an old friend is different. Apart from that, keeping in touch with friends and relatives outside the country on mobile phones is quite expensive. But you can keep in touch every day through Facebook at low cost. Different news is easily available. Facebook is a good means of entertainment in leisure time.

The bridge of friendship that has been built around the world through Facebook is remarkable. The biggest thing is that those who live abroad can be easily contacted at low cost. Many people post offensive pictures on Facebook and make bad comments today, which is not right. We should not abuse technology.

Facebook is one of the most popular means of social communication today. Its necessity in daily life is not to be blown away. Only using this medium in an honest and correct way does not lead to controversy. This Facebook is a tremendous contribution to science.

No matter how far away you are, you can keep in touch with everyone through Facebook. And in terms of security, the Hidden Group page can also be used to chat with very close friends. Nowadays various news media are active on Facebook. Through which we can know a lot of news from home and abroad in a very short time. Apart from that, there are various apps, games and fan pages on Facebook to give more pleasure.

It is not possible to tell all the words or facts separately. But I can inform everyone with a status on Facebook. Apart from that, I am holding club meetings in group chat while sitting at home on holidays. And I am getting the study information on the group page. Entertainment is happening. Besides, urgent works are also being done.

In the age of information technology, the use of Facebook is increasing. Facebook is like a morning magazine. It is a very good means of communication. With this, any news can be known quickly, even shared with everyone. Many good things from one's own country can be presented to foreign friends. The unspoken words of the mind can be shared with friends through this. Especially through this, I am the first to know what is happening in the area. In addition, Facebook can be used as a tool of social movement.


Boys harass girls in various ways on Facebook. Offensive pictures, video tags. Making offensive comments in the picture, opening a fake account — for all these reasons, I am not in favor of Facebook.

Because it wastes a lot of precious time in life. I don't think that's the best way to communicate. It is difficult to recognize real friends here. Because of this we are moving away from real friends. I am not in favor of wasting time on Facebook.

Facebook has different uses

1 / Education

2 / Entertainment

3 / Advertising

4 / Business

5 / Communication

7 / Bad use

Everything has its pros and cons. Which side do you want to take now. Before coming to Ui, I used Facebook only for entertainment and communication.

However, time is cut short by studying Wii and DSB together. In fact, I could not understand the fact that there is such a beautiful use of lazy time.

Here again there are sales and arrangements as a bonus as well as tuition, which you have to acquire on your own merits. Which is advertising and business.

And Facebook is one of the means of communication. Formerly used to be with friendly relatives, now with many more clients including them.

So, if you reduce the matter of entertainment, you can take yourself in a beautiful position by reading beautifully through Facebook.

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Written by   64
9 months ago
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