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Self-assessment make you feel uncomfortable

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Does self-assessment make you feel uncomfortable?

When preparing for an annual review, you want to create a self-assessment that demonstrates your strengths, as well as to identify areas that need improvement. To create such a document, include the following six key points to create a performance improvement strategy. .

Use words that describe the ethics and values ​​of your work

Make a list of one-word items that describe your work ethic or values. What motivates you to do a good job?

What drives you to be successful in your given field? Here are a few examples: driven, hardworking, determined or highly motivated.

Next, think of the work-related experiences you have that support these words. For example, include the reason you signed the contract with the last quarter of the three customers. Or mention that you implemented a new system last year and determined how you were listed to overcame the challenge.

Your goal is to report results and create new people

Read last year’s review and look at the goals. I want to explain how you are moving towards your goal and how you have accomplished it. If you fail to meet a goal, include an updated version to work for next year.

A good way to evaluate goal progress is to rate your work performance in relation to the daily activities that go from your goals. Score yourself as 10 on a maximum of 10 scales for your progress rate.

Create a plan to improve your performance in areas where you are less prestigious, such as networking in the industry or acquiring new skills

What do you want to do over the next 18 months to set goals for next year? Do you want your career to look like five years? What kind of work gets you so excited you can’t wait to do it more?

Next, describe how you will reach these goals. How are you working towards your goal daily?

Judge the performance of your work

How fulfilling is the function of your daily work? Do you put all your effort and time into your project? Are you meeting your deadline? Think about the challenges you have faced and how you can handle them better if you face them again.

Next, draw two columns on a piece of paper. List your work performance strong points, and weigh this against your negative qualities. For example, you have gone the extra mile to keep clients safe, but you often come to work late.

List of improvements

Can you think of ways you could do better in your current position? Here are some questions you may have during your intellectual session.

How well do you fit into your current position? How long have you been in your current position? Have you forgotten it? Do you enjoy your work?

Your answers will reflect how you feel about your work and how you can improve your performance. Perhaps you realize that after five years in the same position, you feel you need a new challenge.

Or maybe you realize that you feel ready to represent that frequent work with your work.

Show how you were a team player

Now see yourself as a team member. The team can be the whole of your company or your personal department. Evaluate how you perform as a member of this team. Are you an important member of your team? How do you help your team reach their goals? Are you likely to be the team leader?

If you think you can improve your team effort then mention how much you will contribute to group success. Give a group list of what your strengths will be applied to. If something is hindering you from working within your group, make a plan to enjoy it and set a time frame.

Describe your desire to succeed

Do you see your job as a way to pay bills, or are you working hard for a career you've dreamed about since college?

Your self-assessment is a great time to think about your drive being successful. Do you want to be successful? Are you going to promote a career? What motivates you to do a good job?

In fact, not every answer raised here will be included in a document provided to your document. But as you review your past performance and your goals, your career will have a new perspective on you. From that perspective you will be able to come up with lots of positive points to self-evaluate.

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Written by   65
11 months ago
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