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Psycho Husband

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11 months ago

Psycho husband

The afternoon is very beautiful to see. I put my finger on the grill of the balcony and look at the sky a little bit. The day has passed. A form of magic. Rooftop grades can be seen nowadays in some two or three storey buildings. How beautiful the trees grow and bloom. Looking at the trees in the roof garden of the city, it seems to be very noticeable. What little care does it take to grow in a limited area. They have no complaints, they look very happy. That is why it can be called a goal.

I used to dream a lot. I will have a small family. I will make a garden and spend the afternoon and the bad times with the trees. Of course we have a huge balcony. Instead of small, there has been a big family. However, my area is small.

I heard that the government has asked everyone to stay at home because of the corona virus. So nowadays people are not seen standing on the verandah. You can see a gentle nature. How silent this city has become.

Of course, nothing seems different to me. I have been in home quarantine for the last 6 months.

There was no such thing as corona in the world then. The name of the terrible virus that was added to my life was marriage. It is not giving death in my life, it is not giving life.

From his point of view, the marriage was in love. It would be wrong to just say love. Terrible love. Nilay loves me and sends marriage proposal directly to my house. Handsome boy, family is good. What else was wanted as a daughter's father?

6 months ago I came to the ventricle with a thousand dreams in my chest.

On the day of the wedding when their house is full of guests chirping. Then he said in front of everyone,

- My wife will not take care of anyone in this family. I love him so I got married. Not to serve anyone. Not even the mother.

He is the only son so his family is with his younger sister and mother. Are they like that?

I was quite surprised as well as the guests. But, everyone pointed fingers at me. I was eating the head of the ventricle before I got married.

-The next day at 12 o'clock the guests packed their bags and left.

Really how bad that day felt. I can't explain. I felt miserable. I kept telling Nilay to return them. It is not good at all for a guest to leave home like this.

I was more surprised to hear him.

-Let's go. I will not return anyone. I will be alone with my wife. I will make arrangements to send mother and sister to the village within 2/1 months. I don't like so many people. I love you Only you and I will stay in this house.

-Well, if you love too much, does your conscience disappear? Or is it just madness in the name of love?

I immediately disagreed. Not at all. You won't do that, Nilay. Your mother and sister are very good I will stay with them.

Before the second word came out of my mouth, he grabbed my face with his hand and went to the balcony. He paid his dues.

Sometimes Huthat used to say let's get ready. I will go for a walk. He would arrange it himself Which saree should I wear, matching earrings, the tip of the forehead would fix it very carefully.

Many times I thought I got a lucky husband. I used to stare at her while holding the sari.

-What are you doing standing on the porch this evening? Come here.

My chest trembled with fear as soon as the sound reached my ears. The ventricle has arrived. He went out a little. So I was spending this time with myself. Now I do not know how to sit again!

Leaving a packet on the dressing table, Nilay approached Nushaibar.

-What happened? My target wife. Are you upset? You hurt so much then? You don't know how much I love you. Tell me why you went downstairs? Wanted to escape from me? Where will you leave me? To other boys? Why can't I pay properly? Can other boys do more? Tell me who you wanted to escape with? You are a bad girl.

Nushaiba is crying. But nothing is saying these are nothing new. Nilay often says such things. Nushaibara is very difficult to get used to these. But, who to tell? Who do you mean? Who will understand?

-Hey! Why is my golden wife crying? Let's see.

Yes! Do you see how much was burned? Why did my golden wife go down? You don't know, if you do that, my head gets hot. I burned my legs today by heating the khunti, you understand. If I do that again, I will cut off both legs. It seems.

Niloy picked up Nushaiba from the verandah and put her on the bed. Bring an ointment from the packet and apply it on the feet.

- I went to the pharmacy to get this ointment. I will never do that again, honey. I will never raise my hand again in your village. You know. Wrong. Forgive me.

.I know and repeatedly apologize to me. But he will raise his hand in the village again. What should I do? I smile as always,

-Okay. I forgave you. Never beat me like that again. I'm in a lot of trouble.

Tears in the ventricles. Is fluttering. He is kissing the burnt place very fondly.

The golden morning sun came through the window and fell on the pillow. Suddenly I met his eyes. It's late. The Fajr prayer was not read. I put the alarm on my mobile. I didn't know when the bell was ringing.

-Eki! When did you get up? I thought I would call you after preparing breakfast. Anyway, let's eat.

Every day since the marriage, Nilay feeds Nushaiba breakfast by herself.

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Written by   65
11 months ago
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