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Husband Wife Love Story

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6 months ago

I told my husband (many people think of me as my son-in-law), "You stay at home from tomorrow. I will go to the office. I will do all the work for you. There will be no salary."

Husband slapped a light brush on the light about what is not possible in the world by me and said, "You have no patience.

Go wherever you want.

I can take care of my daughter alone. "

Very good.

I sleep then.

I have not been able to sleep in peace for eleven months.

12.30 pm Siren starts playing: WAAAAA WAAAA

The girl's father is trying to take her in his arms. I kicked my daughter Durum-Daram and took her down from her lap again and laid her on the bed.

The words became numb and all under the head.

That is why there is a proverb about Bengali, "I don't have feet (ugly words) but I want clothes on my head."

After a while, a thumping sound.

Oh God! The girl is hugging Rexine.

"I can't put a single word under the baby," I muttered angrily, clearing everything up.

I put the girl to sleep with great difficulty.

At 1:30 pm the siren started sounding again. Pitchie is accompanied by nightguards patrolling the streets and playing the flute.

The girl's father is trying to calm her down by walking around with his words wrapped well. The girl is jumping like a shrimp. If he can, he jumps down from his father's lap and survives. Her father is no longer able to walk after kicking her.

This time the father is sitting on the sofa with his daughter in his lap.

I'm trying to sleep with my eyes closed.

Sometimes watching jokes.

The girl's father is seen reading a nursing pillow.

This time I put the girl on a nursing pillow.

This time the words became numb under all the heads.

It is not too late to read La haula ola kuata illa billah!

This time the girl died and the nursing pillow, sofa, father's lungi and genji were all washed away.

After changing the words, I put the girl to sleep again with great difficulty.

2.30 pm The siren started playing again.

The girl's father is trying to calm her down without taking her in his arms.

"This chop! Bop! Bop!" The girl cannot be calmed even with threats.

At the scream of his granddaughter, this time Nanabhai woke up with a thud.

"What happened? What happened?"

"Nothing happened! Your granddaughter's godown is on fire. Call the fire service."

Taking your granddaughter in your arms, Nanabhai said, "Your mother is a fool!"

Nanabhai is trying to put his granddaughter to sleep by walking with her in his lap.

This time the words became numb in all heads.

After two minutes, Nanabhai stopped walking, standing next to the tea table, trying to put his granddaughter to sleep.

The granddaughter followed Pascal's formula without wasting her precious time, urinating at a rapid pace.

That urine overcame all obstacles, the water in the coffee cup on the tea table, went over the water jug.

Sadly, I want to leave home tonight.

I cleaned everything again and put the girl to sleep.

At 4.00 pm, the siren started sounding again.

"Oh how can he! He has to take sleeping pills. He doesn't sleep at all."

The husband is trying to put the girl to sleep by removing the feeling of annoyance.

5.00 am

WAAAAA WAAAA Start ,,,,,

The girl's father has put the girl on the lungi without kantha.

After a while, Patimashay shouted,

"What did you do? I have to take a bath for you now. This Salma, where did you go? Give me the positta (wet tissue) quickly."

People have to laugh for a while in sorrow.

Laughing for a while, I greeted the girl for performing her valuable work (to hug her father).

I took the girl in my arms at the end of the cleaning campaign.

"You're doing very well. I'll always do that." As soon as the conversation was over, the girl sniffed my clothes.

I took Babu in my arms without speaking out of joy.

30 minutes at 8 o'clock in the morning.

Again that WAAAAA ,,,,

The precious words of the daughter's father, pulling the hair of his own head,


Girl, the girl's mother went crazy over the fire! "

Of course, I always tell him, "You are escaping from the Pabna insane asylum."

His disinterested reply was, "There was no profit in escaping. I am coming to another insane asylum."

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Written by   64
6 months ago
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