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How do I open a Bitcoin account?

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How do I open a Bitcoin account?

Bitcoin can only be deposited electronically online.

So, to buy Bitcoin, we will first need a "Bitcoin Wallet" account.

Bitcoin wallets can be of different types.


Desktop wallet

Mobile wallet

Online wallet

Hardware wallet

Of these, one has to create an account using a wallet.

With this unique address or ID, we can deposit future earned Bitcoin in our wallet account.

Now, two aaps are used to open a bitcoin account at most.




Unocoin is a very good and user-friendly website, which can be used to easily open a JK Bitcoin account.

With this, you can easily buy and sell Bitcoin.

Unicoin has a lot of features for which many people are buying bitcoin using this website.


Zero% fees

Simple integration

No chargebacks

OTC trading

Auto sell bitcoin

Netki: You can create your own bitcoin address.

In case of better security, there is the advantage of 2 step authentication.

To open a bitcoin account, download the Unicoin app and submit some of your information and documents, you can create a bitcoin wallet account.


Zebpay is a very user friendly website from which we can easily buy bitcoin.

Here it is possible to recharge mobile and DTH through Bitcoin.

You can buy Amazon, Flipkart and Make My Trip vouchers through Bitcoin.

The fastest way to buy Bitcoin.

Many can safely buy and sell Bitcoin.

It is possible to buy and sell bitcoin from mobile using this application.

To buy Bitcoin, you need to download this Zebpay app first.

Then you need to register the account with some information and documents.

Finally, after approving the account, you can buy Bitcoin and sell it as you should.

How to earn bitcoin

1. Earnings can be made by selling a product or a special service. Much like a Paytm wallet, online Bitcoin payments can be made or received. For him, the seller, that is, the one who will take payment in Bitcoin, has to keep ‘Bitcoin’ in his payment option just like credit card or Paytm. But he needs a special tool, Bitcoin Merchant Tool (Coinbase or BitPay).

2. There are multiple websites, such as WorkForBitcoin, Coinality or JobsForBitcoins, where Bitcoin is paid for any freelance work. There are many such freelance job websites on the internet. But only certain websites offer Bitcoin payments.

3. Bitcoin can be earned through online lotteries, online casinos or gambling sites. Again, you can bet with bitcoin.

4. Just like you can get interest by depositing money in a bank, there are several virtual banks on the internet, where you can get an interest on Bitcoin by creating an account and keeping Bitcoin.

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Written by   64
9 months ago
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