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Fridge going into space.The light of science

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9 months ago

Fridge going into space, ice cream can be eaten

The light of science

A new world in creation.

You may want to sit in space and eat ice cream! So this time 3 refrigerators from the world are going to the International Space Center.

Researchers and engineering students at the University of Colorado have built six refrigerators under a contract with the US space agency NASA. 3 of these refrigerators are going to the International Space Center.

They will work a little differently from the world's refrigerators. A normal fridge keeps the inside cool but releases heat outside. When heat is created in space, it does not spread through the air, but stays in one place. As a result the fridge may overheat. To avoid this problem, the water cooling system in the ISS will be used to remove the heat and keep the fridge cool.

The astronauts will surely be happy to get a fridge to keep food. Meanwhile, NASA wants astronauts to produce fresh food for themselves. Conservation will also be required when production begins. They decided to send the fridge out of that thought.

Just as trekking in the mountains requires a few days of logistics, astronauts also take food with them when they go into space. You can only take the ones that will not rot. They can also eat beef if they want, but they are processed as hard as biscuits. It is eaten out of the packet.

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