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Einstein who was the driver

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9 months ago

'Einstein who was the driver'

Einstein who was the driver,

He said to Einstein one day - I have memorized the speeches you give in every meeting. "- Einstein is surprised !!!

He said, "Well, they don't know me wherever I go to the next meeting. You speak for me and I'll be the driver."

-Then in that meeting, the driver went on to say that Einstein's speech was average. The scholars present applauded loudly. Then they thought the driver was Einstein and came to take him to the car.

-At that time, a professor asked the driver, "Sir, can you explain that Sangata of that relative again?"

- The real Einstein saw the danger, this time the driver will be caught. But he was surprised to hear the driver's answer. The driver replied.

- "Didn't this simple thing get into your head? Ask my driver and he'll explain."

Note: If you walk with wise people, you will also become wise. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

There are words for this,

"Live in heaven with the righteous,

Defeat with the wicked ".

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