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Educational Story

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9 months ago

#Siria one person events

#Educational story

Fajr prayers in the mosque

One person in the morning to read

Waking up, performing ablution and going to the mosque.

Halfway through, he slipped and fell.

His clothes were ruined.

He returned home and changed his clothes

He performed ablution again towards the mosque

Left. He is in the middle again

The foot slipped and fell.

His clothes became dirty.

She went home again to get dressed

He performed ablution and turned towards the mosque


Lantern in hand to come in the middle

I met a man.

He asked the man,

Who are you

He replied, I am you

I saw it fall twice so I thought

I am yours to go to the mosque

Let's arrange the lamp.

The man handed him a lantern to the mosque

Gave up.

He told her,

Let's not pray.

The man to pray

After saying it over and over again

The man, even after insisting

The prayers were not offered.

Then he asked her:

You do not like to pray,

Tell me, who are you?

The man replied, I am the devil.

I am the one who slipped your foot for the first time

I threw it away so that I could pray in the mosque

If not, you go back home.

But when you slip and fall

After leaving, go home and return

Then Allah Tayala came

He forgave all your sins.

The second time you fall

After leaving, go home and get dressed

Turned back to the mosque

He left, then Allah

Tayala is your family

He forgives all sins.

Even then when you fall

Changing clothes from home to the mosque

Coming, I was scared,

I don't know Allah Tayala this time

Forgive your villagers.

So early I lantern

Reaching the mosque with you in hand

Went through.



Allahu Akbar !!!

O Allah, you are behind our regular Imam five times

Donate Tawfiq to pray ......!

........ Amin .......

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Written by   64
9 months ago
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