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All the best my friend

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6 months ago


The bride's wedding has been arranged in a big way in the house of the saints. Shuddha's mother greeted the evening with great affection. He had already wanted Sandhya to be his daughter-in-law but for some reason that did not happen. This time his mind has been fulfilled.

Seeing the face of his new wife, he put on a necklace, a bracelet, a scorpion, a ring, all of which are gold.

Some of the relatives are whispering.

'He went to marry the girl, and he married the girl's younger sister. What a mess Bapu! '

'I think there's something wrong with that girl, or why not?'

'I heard that the girl was exchanged with Shuddha 1 year ago. '

"Look, the girl may have got some other citizen, so the girl's parents have given birth to the little girl."

'I think of something else. '

'What do you think again? '

"Looking at Shuddha's mother, it seems that he is very happy to have this wife, as if the marriage with this girl was right."

'I don't understand their kandakarkhana. Let's see what happens. '

Seeing these trunks of her own mother from a distance, her younger sister is frowning and looking at her eyebrows. He came home after such an awkward incident at the wedding hall. She tells her mother everything, but her mother is happy to hear it.

'Mom, listening to you, you seem to know everything in advance.'

'I knew. I myself wanted the evening to be my pure wife, but for your grandmother, I have to change the pure ring with the evening. '

'Mom, how can you be a mother?'

'I didn't do anything. As if I can't hurt my son. '

'So what was going on if we didn't do it in these wedding halls. I could have said these things before the wedding date was fixed. '

'Look, I can't answer your humble words. Which is from here. My mother-in-law will come, there is a lot of work left. '

Humility goes away without saying anything else. She is upset with her parents and brother.

The pure call breaks his meditation,

'Take the humble evening home. He is very tired. '

Humility says in a very harsh voice,

'Take your love wife with you. I have no interest in it. I am telling everyone one thing, they will not come to tell me anything about this girl. '

'What are you talking about humble? He thinks of you. '

'I think my feet. I don't think he is human. '

Everyone is surprised at the word of humility. The girl who was so excited about her brother's marriage is talking like that today.

After a few drops of water rolled from Sandhya's eyes, Shuddhar's mother saw that the whole oil was burning purple. Humility rushes to kill but the pure father stops.

The sound of crying is still coming from the side of the door. Evening parents don't seem to have any helter-skelter. Their eldest daughter Sanjh's marriage has broken down, her younger sister has got married to the groom, the girl is in such a humane condition but her parents never said a word. He didn't even ask if the girl was playing. Alas life !!

When a girl grows up, her best friend is her mother. But neither of the two mothers mentioned here could be their daughter's friend.

Tia turned on the data connection with the phone in the evening. Some messages and another mail have arrived. The messages came from the same number.

As soon as you open the mail and wear it, a smile appears on Tear's face, it looks like a smile of world victory. Tia sends a message to the number with her identity. Immediately a reply message comes. And after a while the call came from that number.

'How long will the mail you sent be valid?'

"It will be effective in 2-3 days if you want."

'You make all the arrangements. It will work, I confirm it to you. '


Leaving the phone, Tia breathed a sigh of relief.

'Something new is waiting for you, Ray. No one can understand what is in one's destiny. '

There are various things scattered on the floor of the house. Twilight is touching all things again and again. These are pure memories. The days spent with pure eyes in the evening are fading away. How beautiful those days were.

'This black jamdani sari has made you look very beautiful in the evening. Let me see, give me your hand. '


'Give it first, then I'll tell you.'

When Saanjh gave his hand, he cut off the fingernails of his hand with a little bite.

'What did you do that for?'

'When I was a child, when I used to wear new clothes, my mother used to cut my nails like this.

So I cut off your eyes, this time no one will take notice. '

In the evening, he saw Shuddha with red eyes of shame.

The sound of knocking on the door breaks the meditation in the evening. Tears can be heard from the side of the door.

'Evening, open the door year.'

The evening opens the door. There are many things scattered on the floor of the house. Tia asks frowning,

'What's the next plan with these?'

'Guys go out.'

He tied everything in a black jamdani sari and gave it to Tear.

'What do I do with these?'

'Take out what I'm coming for.'

After sending Tia out, Saanjh comes out of the kitchen with kerosene and matches. Seeing all this in the hands of Sanjh, Sanjh can understand everything. Pour the whole kerosene of the can into the sari. The whole sari caught fire as soon as he put on a matchstick.

'I can't tell you how happy I am now with what I've done. You have a long way to go, make yourself. '

'Will you be by my side?'

'I have been by your side all my life. I am your shadow. '

'Sisters and friends like you all get.'

'Think of yourself without everyone else. Khabi chal, khasni from tomorrow.

'Let's go.'

Standing on the square of the house, the evening stopped when he heard the inside of the house. He can't keep himself right, after sitting there.

'That's what I wanted in the evening. This time my job became much easier. All the best my friend.

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Written by   64
6 months ago
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