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Hello guys, in the last few days I have been stuck with a website which is called Cryptopick, there you can participate in crypto prediction games, for free and I want to share it with you.

If you are correct in your predictions you can earn Ethereum, Pickies (the currency of the website), and NFTs.

Let's see together what CryptoPick is and how you can take advantage of it.

What is CryptoPick?

CryptoPick is a website where you can play crypto prediction games to earn Ethereum, Pickies (the currency of the website), and NFTs. The register is completely free and completely free to play prediction games unless you want to bet ETH or Pickies for better earning but it is not mandatory.

What are Pickies?

Pickies are the in-game currency of CryptoPick. They are used for participating in games, joining tournaments, tipping other players, purchasing skins for your avatar, and much more. Pickies can be earned by winning games or unlocking achievements. They can also be bought on the buy pickies page.

Let's see the Games.

There are two games, Up / Down and Moon / Doom.

Up / Down you have to predict if the price of a coin/token will go Up / Down in the future. You can predict every:

* Hour

* Day

* Week

This game now is available for the pairs: ETH/USD, BTC/USD, WAVES/USD, LINK/USD, BNB/USD.

In this game, you have to bet Pickies or Eth. If you are correct you will have good earnings, also some CPR but if you are wrong you will lose all of it, also some CPR.

The CPR rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill level of players

I don't prefer this game because you have to bet and it is easy to lose.

Moon / Doom you have to pick a coin/token that will go Up / Down the most in the future. You can pick every:

* Hour

* Day

* Week

* Month

In this game, you can pick a coin/token that will go the most Up and a coin/token that will go the most Down, through more available cryptocurrencies.

If you don’t know, MOON is when the price goes Up, and DOOM is when the price goes Down. You can participate for free, without bet anything, if your pick is correct you will earn CPR and if it's in the top five pickies you will earn Pickies and CPR. If your pick is wrong you will lose CPR.

I prefer this game because it is free and you can earn Pickies, so you can participate in tournaments and buy skins for your avatar.


In these Tournaments, you have the chance to earn Ethereum.

Depending on the tournament you participate in, you also earn a similar reward in Ethereum, a reward whose value can reach $ 200 in Eth.

Most tournaments include the pickies you have picked for the MOON or DOOM game. There are hourly, daily and weekly tournaments. Entry to a tournament costs 50-200 Pickies, depending on its duration, the tops in the ranking earn Ethereum and CPR. The longer the duration of the tournament the longer the rewards.

These tournaments are really worth it, you can spend a few Pickies but if you have the luck with you, you can earn real Ethereum.

So far I have won Etereum in two tournaments.

Yes, I know the rewards are not so big but as the participants are increased the rewards also increase.

Every new participant adds $0.1 worth of ETH to the prize pool.

NFT Shop

In this shop you can buy skins for your avatar, now there is the first Genesis Drop that you can buy some limited skins with Pickies. If I have understood well these skins in a few months will become NFTs that you can trade.

So the price of your skins in the future could be worth a ton of money.

For more you can watch the video from the last Cryptopick AMA:

Some tips to start the game.

Try to play in the ΜΟON or DOOM game as many times as you can, it is free, so that you can win Pickies, with these Pickies you will be able to participate in tournaments and win prizes. Also with Pickies, you can buy rare skins for your avatar, in the future, they will have a good value. Try to complete the achievements of the game in order to earn more Pickies.

Finally, I can recommend this site to you because there is no risk of losing money, you can have a lot of fun waiting for the course of the cryptocurrencies and you can earn some rewards simply because you predicted correctly.

If you want to participate in this site you can start by receiving 200 Pickies using my referral link:

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