My first rewards from's Smart Level 1.

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3 years ago

Hello guys, some weeks ago I decided to invest in 's project. I had bought some AVA tokens and then bought a few more to complete the 500 AVA to be able to participate in Smart level 1. All purchases were made under $ 0.80. In recent days the price has reached $ 1 with the current price of $ 0.98. So far my investment is considered profitable.

Yesterday I received a notification in my e-mail with the first rewards from the privileges of Smart level 1.

I received 5 AVA (~ $ 4.9) and 4 travel credits (1 travel credit = $ 1)

In my personal opinion, I believe that as long as the situation of Covind-19 normalizes and as we approach the summer, the price of AVA will not fall below $ 1 again. The reasons are that as the summer approaches the demand for holidays will increase, increasing the value of the AVA Token, at the same time the Token burning program every 3 months will is reducing the circulating supply until the total supply reaches 40,000,000, also the staked AVA Tokens will increase because more and more people will want to take advantage of the 24% APY and the other privileges of Smart levels. Currently 10,168,500 are staked.

If you like Travala and you want to join feel free to use my referral link:

After you create an account and make your first booking of US$200 or more, we will both earn US$25 worth of AVA rewards to our wallet after you complete the stay at the property.

*Disclaimer: This is not financial/investment advice. It is just my conviction. Always make your personal research before investing in Cryptocurrencies.*

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