Knowing the Value of Time is Knowing the Value of Life

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How people use time determines their quality of life. Most people don't even realize they're wasting time; because life is full of traps that waste time. Games played with mobile phones and tablets, more time spent on social media; inability to finish a conversation on time, unnecessary phone calls, meetings with no agenda and too long; systemlessness, inability to concentrate, indecision, procrastination; Dozens of traps such as trying to do too many things at the same time and not being able to say no steal people's time.

The main difference of people who use time well is that they do not fall into these traps. In fact, the main problem of most people is not lack of time, but that they do not know how to use time effectively.

A person can regain all the resources he has spent, but he cannot bring back a single time. Most people waste years unaware of this stark truth.

Many people spend most of their time doing things that are urgent or that they think are urgent. But in the meantime, he can't find time to do important work that will bring him success.

There is an interesting reason why people spend too much time on urgent tasks. Solving an urgent job releases adrenaline in one's body; It creates a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction afterwards. For this reason, people tend to do things that are more urgent than necessary or that they think are so. Of course, it is necessary to deal with urgent works, but dedicating most of the time to urgent works means not using time effectively.

The jobs that will make a difference in life are the important ones, not the urgent ones. If a person can't get his head up from doing urgent things and can't give priority to the things that are important to him, he misses life. The regrets of people who have reached the end of their life are that they are always dealing with urgent matters and not being able to devote enough time to important works. (Bronnie Ware)

Whatever a person values ​​in life, he should manage his time by giving priority to the works in line with these values. A person who knows his own priorities can easily distinguish between what is important and what is unimportant for him.

Popularized by Stephen Covey, inspired by Eisenhower, the Urgent-Important matrix provides a practical guide to time management. Everyone has to do the work; can plan according to its importance and urgency and manage time more effectively:

The first thing one should do is work that is both urgent and important.

For important but not urgent tasks, one must always create time and strive to do them. These are the jobs that will make a difference in life.

Urgent but not important tasks should be delegated to others as much as possible, and they should be done by others.

He should put the tasks that are neither urgent nor important at the bottom of the list and should not deal with them at all.

Life consists of "these moments" lined up side by side. Valuing life comes from knowing the value of the "present".

Time cannot be paused, reversed, transferred to tomorrow; It is a resource that cannot be bought, borrowed, or loaned. The more we are aware of this and the more effectively we use this resource, the more successful and happy we will be.

To know the value of time is to know the value of life.

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You are absolutely right, I agree with you.

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2 years ago

Time is one of the very important thing in every person, we don't have a unlimited time here in this world so why mosttt of us waste it for nothing? Or maybe someone spent it for just there personal enjoymnt or that is ther way of spending time of there life. But we can't force them, that's there time, we must to mind ours.

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2 years ago