A Hidden Treasure behind a World of Poverty.

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3 years ago
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I still can't believed that i'm already earning now for free. Well not exactly free because you still need an effort here to earn as much as you want and as much as you can. In my two months of experience in BCH Community i can really tell that there is really a Hidden Treasure behind the World of Poverty. That treasure was no other than Bitcoincash.

As a beginner in this field, I never thought there would be such a world. A Crypto World where many lives continue to be helped, and many lives are eventually changed. I don't know anything yet about other Cryptos because i'm still new in this field and I'm still in the process of learning things or learning more about Crypto. For now all I know was BCH, because it is where I found a new life. Like the others even I felt the change in my life. During my two months stay in Crypto world I could feel the changes in my life. I am able to save on my own income now, well I used to have my own extra income before because I am also an Online supplier of clothes but i got affected by this pandemic so i also lost a lot. But because of BCH I can now help with my family's daily expenses, especially now that my husband has just started working. Apart from that, I can still help my Mom now even a little bit with what she needs in the hospital.

Being an ordinary person it is already a big thing that you can earn even a small amount in any extra income that you have. Especially now that we're still in a pandemic time. Many of us especially my countrymen are still suffering upto this day because of this pandemic. So it would be great if we could spread our knowledge about BCH outside our BCH Communiy. It would be a great thing if we will continue to spread BCH Awareness to everyone.

And as for me since BCH has helped me immensely in my situation today, I really wanted to share it with others, to help them as well. Because I am a person who always shares everything I learned with others when I have found new ways of new income. Whether they'll try it or not I already feel comfortable. What's important to me is that I am able to let them know what other ways to earn more especially in this time.

This is my 1st way to help and let others know about BCH specially in our country. I may not be the 1st one to make something like this but I still tried. It is better if more people spread BCH Awareness, so that more people can learn and be helped.


In 1month I got 63 followers already, not bad for a beginner like me, atleast there still some people got interested on what i'm trying to spread.

First i used this Page to encourage people to use noise.cash and read.cash and be part of BCH community where i have earned a lot already. And until now i will never stop showing them all my simple achievements that i got in just 2months being here.

I will never stop spreading that there was A Hidde Treasure behind this Poverty.

In order to encourage someone you must also need to show all the proofs that you have, for them to believed that there's still really a place where they can find the changes that they've looking for so long.

For 2months i can say this is my biggest earnings that i received. Thanks to @Ellie again for that 🙂

Showing proof that you earn from BCH is not just because you want to be proud of what you have earned but it is a proof that there's really a world where your life can be changed. Specially in my country which i know that only few is aware in this kind of field. So we must show something that may catch their attention and start trying what you are showing.

So for beginners like me, let's not waste our knowledge about BCH but let's share it with those in need. There are many more people waiting to be taught. So let's also do our part in spreading BCH Awareness, because when the day comes that BCH will lead the world of Crypto we will all also the 1st to benefit. The success of BCH is also the success of all of us. So let us continue to work together and spread to all that there is still A Hidden Wealth behind the poverty we are experiencing. A treasure like BCH should be recognized by everyone.

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3 years ago
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