I wrote a book about Productivity Innovation.

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2 years ago

I wrote and published a book.

It's sold by Amazon.com☞ http://t2m.kr/kUynJ

It contains productivity innovation methods created by working as an economic journalist and illustrator.

Today, I'm going to talk a little more about productivity innovation that I couldn't contain in the book because I didn't have enough time.

 Make the to-do Menu.

In that book, I wrote that you should 'to-do menu.'

English-speaking readers may feel that the title of this lesson is strange.

In the English-speaking world, it is generally referred to as 'Making a to-do list'.

However, there is a reason why I used the expression "menu."

When we go to a restaurant and think about what to eat, we look at the menu.

I think the same principle can be applied when working.

If you create a "to-do menu," you can quickly decide when you don't know what to do.

Write the average time it takes to get things done on the menu.

Writing down the time it takes to get things done helps you plan your time.

If you don't write down the time, you may not be able to achieve all your plans by setting excessive goals.

EX) Drawing – 60min, Working out – 50min, Learning Python – 40min. etc

Manage fatigue.

Managing fatigue is one of the things for your own development.

We sometimes consume more than our ability.

At that time, we feel like cars that have run out of fuel.

Cars can run right away with fuel, if you add fuel to a car.

But people are not like that.

People need recovery time when they are tired.

You have to adjust your working pace before you burn out.

I hope this article helped you. Thank you very much.

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