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What period of cryptocurrencies are we in?

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8 months ago

When analysing what is happening in the world of cryptocurrencies, it is hard to know what stage we are at, what period we are in. Some say that this is just the beginning of cryptocurrencies and others say that nothing new can be invented anymore.

We are living in strange times. We live in times where some billionaire writing about a cryptocurrency raises its price 100 times. And in principle no one would be moved by this if it were not for the fact that such situations do not happen every day. It is similar with DeFi. Also suddenly its upward trend began to grow exponentially gaining gigantic popularity. It is good that new solutions for cryptocurrencies are being created.

Bitcoin has been hitting lows lately but this should not be a reason to fear. As in 2017 it cost 18 thousand dollars each then a year later it cost 4 thousand. And somehow now it costs 43 thousand and this does not cause much surprise. Such is the cryptocurrency market, strange and sometimes chaotic. You have to be prepared for such price differences.

I like the fact that exchanges are now something more than just trading cryptocurrencies. On such Binance we can also multiply our capital in other ways. Saving or projects similar to DeFi like Liquidity Pools are available inside the exchange and you don't need to know Binance Smart Chain to see how you can easily start earning.

I personally think this is the beginning of technology and new solutions for cryptocurrencies. Not the start itself but already some part that has passed since that day zero. And I would like to see this market getting bigger and better for the user.

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