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What is the future of cryptocurrency?

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7 months ago

The most common topic for conversations when we talk about cryptocurrencies is their value. But is the price really the only factor that defines their existence?

Bitcoin 10 years ago costs about $1. Now it costs more than 30 thousands. Do these two periods differ if we talk about BTC? No. Why? Because we do not buy the price but goods. It does not matter if we buy a thousand BitCoins for $ 5 or 5 million. What is important is what this product is intended for. Because we have the goods BitCoin is, not the price. We have the technology that this cryptocurrency offers.

Instead of price of cryptocurrency, we should suggest their functionality. Can we get some benefits from a given cryptocurrency, or thanks to it, we can put a project on its architecture (for example, a Hive network). Even when buying, we should suggest not only profit but functionality. When we see that a given cryptocurrency is going up very quickly, we have to be careful. Because this is often Pump & Dump action after which third parties usually lose.
In such a situation, we should look for undervalued cryptocurrencies with potential. On which we can not only earn and also make use of them. It will come out good for us.

I believe that for many years cryptocurrencies will serve as a means of earning or HODLing. Despite this, a large part of the market is cryptocurrencies with very high growth potential. Let's look at Ethereum. Thanks to it, we now have hundreds, if not thousands, of new tokens based on the structure of the ERC-20 and others. After a long time, prices will probably stabilize and people will be more interested in developing projects such as crypto currencies than just earning on them.

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