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Does the currency name matter in everyday life?

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7 months ago

Imagine the following situation. We get up in the morning, before work like every day we go to our favorite cafe for a hot Cappuccino. However, this purchase looks slightly different. Instead of a menu price of € 3 we see 10 different prices. Classic in dollars, euros and pounds and the remaining 7 are cryptocurrencies. Coffee for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Monero, Stellar and Dash.

Who knows, maybe in a few or a dozen or so years these views will be on a daily basis. However, I would like to raise the issue of "logo" on the currency. Does the currency we pay really matter? Let's skip commission issues here, because we're talking about the future where commissions can go down by a high percentage.

Let's compare two currencies here. Dollars and Bitcoin. We want to order a set of the day at a cafe that will cost us $ 15. We have a choice of these two currencies. If we pay in dollars, the normal price applies. And if we choose Bitcoins we will pay the equivalent of 15 dollars. But! Due to the fact that this cafe encourages the use of cryptocurrencies, it offers a 10% payback for new and regular customers. So we really pay 13.5 dollars in bitcoins, because the remaining one and a half dollars will come back to us as a gift. What about the transaction time of 10 minutes? Well, we do not have to fear here, because the cafe staff will prepare our set for 15 minutes.

An abstract situation, I know. But I wanted to show you here that in most situations the type of currency we will be using does not matter so much in everyday situations. It is known, not always and not everywhere, we will be able to choose the currency in which we want to process the payment - and this is normal. But this makes you reflect on the use of cryptocurrencies for real life.

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