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BNB Vault - investing for beginners

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10 months ago

If you are unfamiliar with investing in cryptocurrencies in ways other than playing the stock market because you don't know how or are afraid of losses, I have an intermediate solution for you. Today, we will not cover investing in DeFi projects or Pool swap cryptocurrencies. We will deal with BNB Vault - a comprehensive solution offered to us on the Binance exchange. Let's get started!

Before we get into how to start investing I will explain to you what BNB Vault is. BNB Vault is an aggregator of profits that we can get on the Binance exchange. The profits that come to us come from many different systems. These include Launchpool, Savings, DeFi Staking and other projects. Profits are calculated separately for each project. We receive rewards overnight with a given interest rate.

The first step will be to register on the Binance exchange. I will be very happy if you use my referral link. Then after identity verification we need to deposit our first tokens. The number of tokens that Binance supports is very large so practically any cryptocurrency in your wallet will be able to be deposited into the exchange. Then we need to exchange it for Binance Coin (BNB) cryptocurrency. A simpler method is to exchange smaller amounts of tokens directly into BNB. We will do that on this page.

Now we go to the Finance tab and click Binance Earn. The third option we will see is BNB Vault and we click Stake.

On the left side you will see My Shares. Click on Stake and select the maximum value.

Super. Our funds have been deposited in the BNB Vault. From that moment on the rewards will be calculated depending on how much BNB we have in this we can call it fund.

Now, depending on what cryptocurrencies are in circulation during Launchpool, DeFi Staking and other projects, these are the cryptocurrencies we will receive.

This is what investing in cryptocurrencies with BNB Vault on Binance looks like. It is very simple. In the future we will discuss other types of investments that do not require constant market tracking etc. I will be very happy if you use this link to register on the exchange. 

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Written by   5
10 months ago
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