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Tricky Photos, Looks Wierd Make You Do A Double-Take

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Have you ever had to look at a picture twice because you couldn't believe what you were seeing? It may have taken your brain a minute or two to understand what the image actually was, and then you realized it looked weird because of the angle the photo was taken. We found the most bizarre pictures that will show how important angles are when it comes to photography. From giant children to real centaurs, these photos will make you look twice.

Continue reading to see the strange photos taken at the wrong angle.

It's A Real Centaur

So you may be wondering what went wrong here. Well, her coat covers her back so you can't see where her legs start. It could be an optical illusion, or she might actually be a centaur; guess we'll never know. 

Two-Headed Puppy

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you might remember Fluffy the three-headed dog from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It is believed he had puppies with a two-headed dog, and this is one of their babies. How cute is baby fluffy. 

Vroom, Vroom

This one will really blow your mind. Is it a separate car, or it that part of the van's design?  The third and correct option is that it is two separate cars, and the woman is part of the design on the van that lines up perfectly with the convertible. 

He Is Rocking Those Daisy Dukes

This man is not afraid to show off his very long legs in those short shorts. He rocks them better than most people. Unless that is his girlfriend standing behind him with her head hidden on his shoulder, which would make much more sense. 

Giant Baboon On The Loose

What would you do if a giant baboon started attacking your car? Would you run away or would you try to drive your car? It looks like this baboon could pick up the car and play with it like a toy. 

Peggy The Peg Leg

This runner has a case of the disappearing leg. We don't know where it went, but she might need it to run the race. Even the other girl in the picture looks confused. She must be saying, "Girl, where did your leg go? Did you leave it in the locker room?" 

Where One Cat Ends, Another Begins

Either this cat is good at splits, or two cats have morphed together. These cats are perfectly sitting to make one long cat. How do cats morph together? Is there some sort of machine that does it for you? 

The Upgraded Flying Carpet

Instead of a flying carpet, we now have a flying stage. You can show the princess the entire world while performing a concert. This photo really messes with your brain because the shadow of the flag looks like it is the shadow for that stage. 

Extra Long Legs

This man must be at least seven feet tall with legs that long. How does he find pants that fit his inseam properly? It  must be difficult to do sit comfortably this bench because his long legs are hanging off. 

Big Foot Baby

Wow, this baby has the biggest feet we have ever seen on a person that size. He must have started walking very early on. With feet those big, he could be a close relative of bigfoot. He is the answer to finally figure out if Bigfoot exists. 

Fish Have Started Growing Human Arms

The fish have started to evolve, and they are growing arms to compete with other underwater animals. He is about to reach out and grab the other fish as prey. 

A Man-dog

"Man-dog, man-dog, alone in a little world was a man-dog." Instead of Cat-Dog, we present man-dog. Here we have another dog who has kept his body and opted for a human head. 

She has Really Long Arms

Call the Guinness Book of World Record's because this girl has the world's longest arms compared to her body length. Her arms reach past three children on each side. Now that is impressive. In actuality, the girl in the middle is at the perfect angle to align with the other arms. Her arms reach past three children on each side. Now that is impressive. In actuality, the girl in the middle is at the perfect angle to align with the other arms. 

Big Man, Little Head

Instead of having the problem with t-rex arms, this person has a small head and a little body. It must be hard for him to find hats that fit his tiny head, and shirts that are big enough for his body and small enough for his neck. 

Dive In

They said Jesus could walk on water, but they said he could lie down on top of the water. He is levitating above the water so gracefully. He must have sunk the second after this photo was taken.

She Must Be A Yoga Master

When the yoga instructor tells you to go into an upward facing dog, and there is that one girl in the class who is extra flexible and shows off. This woman must have an extra long torso to be able to sit like this, or her baby is sitting in from of her. 

When Giant Pigeons Attack

Regular sized birds can be very frightening, so giant birds would be even scarier. This man could be crushed by the bird in an instant. It  is like the Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds​ has come to life, but all the birds are supersized. Now that would be a nightmare. 

Werk It!

This guy is twerking to some throwback hip-hop songs, and he doesn't care who is watching. He might want to look the other way because there must be something more interesting considering everyone else is looking over there. 

That's An Old Baby

Is that a baby with a grown man's head? This person may have Benjamin Button syndrome, but only his body is reverse aging. It is also possible that the baby's face lines up with his father's face at this angle to make him look like he has an adult head. 

Who Is Being Lifted?

We can't tell if the woman on the right or in the middle is the person being lifted. Their outfits blend into each other, making it hard to distinguish. We think the woman in the middle is the one being held, while the woman on the right is just standing at a bizarre angle.

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Written by   125
5 months ago
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