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I fell in love with a hot girl (Part 3)

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1 year ago
Topics: Poem

I managed to change you I still can't believe it, now you're my hot girl.

Now only I can see you no one else can look at you, only I can.

You changed your feelings faster than I imagined, you left aside your perversity so that I could see you, you let me meet a beautiful woman who also knows how to love.

You stripped off your armor, so that your heart I could see it, now we talk only about feelings as I always expected.

I still remember when you told me you didn't think about love. With you everything was desire and pleasure, now we plan a future together something I always dreamed of.

Change you my girl Hot, for a beautiful woman now I know who you are I can already see you, now there is a change further away, I know I will make it. ✒️🌹❤️☕

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