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I fell in love with a hot girl (Part 1)

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9 months ago
Topics: Poem

Among so many women you stole my attention, something unusual happened to you.

From the moment I saw the first image of you, you became my inspiration. I know you didn't mean to, you were just doing what you thought was best.

I silently watched you, waiting for that occasion, that one in which you will notice, that there was me.

You sent image after image, every part of your body, being you the center of attention, everything with you was desire and passion.

Every word you said, you made my imagination fly, the texture of your skin just thinking made my insides erect.

It was all very strange, I was a lover of women, poetry and love, I fell in love with a woman who only wanted passion on every occasion.

You with a unique figure, which only awakens in me, the most forbidden desires, not only I saw you but also my partners, I was consumed by jealousy in secret.

You were only looking for lust, desire, orgasms.

I looking for love, passion, feelings.

It turns out you have it all, hopefully not a bad combination.✒️☕🔥

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